“Isip-isip muna, mga CPP cadre” — High-ranking AFP official to Communist leaders plan of reviving SPARU hit squads

In a Facebook post with the title “NANANAKOT NG SPARU HIT SQUADS”, Army Colonel and YouTuber Harold Cabunoc took to Facebook to warn the CPP cadre to think hard before proceeding with their plan.

Cabunoc remarked that the CPP-NPA-NDF is threatening to resuscitate its liquidation squads in urban centers.  

Cabunoc said that their only advantage is the anonymity of the majority of their agents of murder.

However, Cabunoc reminded the CPP-NPA-NDFs problem – the public knows who are the senior cadres of the Communist party of the Philippines pretending to be angels in the cities.

Cabunoc mentioned the principle of command responsibility. Meaning the CPP cadres will be held answerable in whatever crimes committed by the NPA. He said everybody knows that the CPP cadres are the heads of support organizations of the communist terrorist group.

Cabunoc said that if the communist groups start their assassination campaign, perhaps relatives of the soldiers, policemen and government officials will retaliate.

“Nobody has the monopoly of violence”, Cabunoc remarked. Hence the government forces respect the rule of law. Doing shortcuts in conducting operation is prohibited. However, the same cannot be said of the civilians who are capable of carrying out retaliatory attacks against those who are planning a bl00dy campaign of k1lling$.

One netizen gave Cabunoc a heads up of an old NPA strategy and blame it on the government.

“Sir Harold, ang problema nyan. Baka ang likidahin nila ay ang mga kilalang kritiko ng government, they will sacrifice one of their own. They did it before, remember plaza Miranda bombing? Then they will blame the government, with the help of mainstream media na na-infiltrate na nila.”

Meanwhile, this netizen echoed Cabunoc’s fear.

“Tumpak yan sir hehehe napakarami NILA na may kakayanan bumawi sa mga lintik na yan hehehe, lalo na yung mga tropang andaming dapat TESTINGIN kung EFFECTIVE ba ang gamit nila o hindi hehehe”

NANANAKOT NG SPARU HIT SQUADS Aba, nananakot ang CPP-NPA-NDF na manglilikida na naman sa urban centers. Ang tanging…

Posted by Harold Cabunoc on Friday, January 1, 2021


Source: Harold Cabunoc

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