Isko Yorme Isko draws flak from int’l relations expert after photo of Manila folks braving flood for c0vid jab circulates online

The screenshot image from the Philippine Daily Inquirer showing Manila folks braved the flood and added health risks for the covid jab has elicited jeers from international relations expert Sass Rogando Sasot of the FB page for the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot directed at Manila Mayor Isko Moreno on Facebook.

Sasot borrowed Yorme Isko’s line saying that Mayors should not make out of town este city trips…Instead, Mayors must look after their constituents, not take care of politics to that effect.

“Hindi nag-iikot..siyudad daw muna asikasuhin hindi pulitika..”

Of course, Sasot did not let the opportunity to pass without taking a swipe at geopolitical expert Richard Heydarian who recently wrote a glowing article on Yorme Isko Moreno and even calling Yorme’s brand of politics “transformative”.

“Ano iyong sabe ni Heydarian? Transformative politics? 🤦🏼‍♀️”

Sasot’s FB post hitting Yorme Isko and Heydarian has provided a comic relief among her socmed followers, generating 1900+ reactions, 100 comments and 99 shares in just an hour and counting.

Sasot’s FB post has elicited unflattering remarks directed mostly at Yorme Isko.

One netizen said that she was not surprised because the sight is not new in the Philippines because traditional politicians treat Filipinos with contempt. like in the photo below.

“This is how traditional politicians treat the Filipinos. And Isko is like this. They look down on their constituents, treat them as poor as a rat undeserving of dignified service. They do the public service at the great discomfort of their constituents. And then you have the trapo supporters who would accept to the treated like a poor rat and are used being abused and being made suffer by trapos. And now Isko’s supporters praised him with their call “sharing is caring”. For them that picture is a testament how Isko cares for them.”

“Mahina talaga utak ni yorme. Pang artista lang talaga😂ka level ni Erap” said another netizen.

“Do your job if you can solve these flooding…it’s your time to shine.. immediate concerns yan.. huwag yong pa pogi lang” advised a netizen to Yorme Isko.

Another netizen remarked that Yorme must be somewhere shooting a movie. “wala sya nasa shooting ng campaign movie nya. Si Emilio aguinaldo yata ang ipoportray nya sa movie na yan.”

“Ano ba yan Yorme Isko. Wala ka ba pakialam sa hirap na yan ng mga pobreng taga Maynila— pinabayaan mong ganyan lang!!!!” an irate netizen reprimanded Yorme Isko for the pitiful sight of Manila folks braving the flood and diseases to receive their vaccine jabs.


Source: For the Motherland

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