#IStandWithSass|British national calls out church of Dasmarinas for their absolutely disgusting bigotry vs member of LGBTQ community in open letter

Absolutely disgusting! This is how Pinoy-at-heart British national and vlogger Malcom Conlan put into words the deplorable treatment accorded by the Church of God Dasmarinas to transgender blogger and SMNI host Sass Rogando Sasot while serving as guest speaker for a college graduation ceremony in Dasmarinas Cavite.

Conlan began the open letter by expressing one’s opinion that the said Church needs a to take look itself in the mirror and ask for forgiveness from God.

Next, Conlan addressed his question to the church leadership and asked if they have checked all their leaders and members to ensure they are all free from sin before entering the church or standing at the pulpit? Likewise those who share their testimony?

Conlan also asked if the Church of Dasmarinas have a section on their enrolment form for church members, specifically to screen for LGBTQ people? Because as far as Conlan is concerned, Ms. Sasot wasn’t the only person from the LGBQT that night. Did they try to drag them out and cast them in darkness?

At this juncture, Conlan said that if the Church of God expects the donations or earnings from rent for having their church as venue for hire to be tax-free, they must comply with Philippine laws which prevent discrimination because the Church is NOT above the law.

Conlan preached that since they decide to open their church as a venue for hire, they cannot be judgmental of who might frequent it. After all, God is our only judge and it is not for any of us to be so hateful as to actually physically lay hands on an invited guest in a church.

Conlan called the action of the Church of Dasmarinas shameful and disgusting while praising the school who invited Ms. Sasot as guest speaker for displaying all that is good in society.

Of course, Conlan gave credit to the audience who lit up the venue after the Church leaders turned off the lights while Ms. Sasot was delivering her speech because it just shows us all what is good about the Filipino people and humanity in general, for being accepting of any person regardless of their personal attributes, gender and preferences. Conlan lamented that in the 21st century, there is still some with such judgmental mindset, but these people need to take a good long hard look at themselves before judging others. Ouch!

Conlan believed incident like this should be investigated by the government and the tax-exempt status of this establishment should be reviewed, particularly when they were apparently asking for a reasonable donation or similar, this means they are asking for/soliciting for a fee.

Conlan ended the post by thanking Ms. Sasot for standing up for the rights and dignity of ALL Filipinos, particularly her valuable work in the LGBT community.. ❤️🙏🇵🇭#IStandWithSass

Here’s the statement from the Church of Dasmarinas below.


Source: Malcolm Conlan

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