“Istilong bulok ng mga dilawan at pulahan” — Jay Sonza on COA’s non-stop release of incomplete audit reports vs Duterte admin

Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza has taken to Facebook to lash out at COA (Commission on Audit) whom he said isn’t showing any signs of slowing down and will continue to release their incomplete report despite looking stupid in the eyes of the public.

Basically, Sonza warned netizens to expect the trend to continue. In other words, COA will not stop now despite the public heckling because they have reached the point of no return so to speak.

Sonza borrowed the line from Loida Lewis which goes like this – it does not have to be true, it just have to appear like it is true.

Sonza called this the rotten style of the Dilawan and the Reds.

The most important thing is, the OVP owns the perfect audit report in the last three years.

Sonza urged netizens to let it be. Anyway, it’s only them who believe in their own gimmick.

As of this writing, Sonza’s post has generated 4,354 reactions, 318 comments and 639 shares in just 3 hours and counting.

This netizen alleged COA appears to be subjective and not objective on its reports but she was not surprised because its chairman is a Pnoy appointee. She accused the released COA reports as a demolition job.

If you will try to dig deeper on the purpose of COA, it looks like na sila ang magtatago ng CORRUPTION ng mga ka-alyanado nila. Pag positive at no findings ay LUSOT na. SUBJECTIVE and NOT OBJECTIVE ang COA. The COA Chief is an appointee of the late Pnoy Aquino, hence it is not surprising for him to be issuing “reports” against many govt offices in the media. This is a demolition job which is part of a grand conspiracy by the opposition to destroy the image and credibility of this administration and its allies, and of course adversely affected are administration candidates running in next years’ election! Be wise!

This netizen commented that he find corruption under this administration is acceptable, if indeed the allegation is true because at least majority of the public received financial aid. He asked if there was no corruption in the past and yet billions of pesos were unliquidated.

Ok lang na may corruption ngayun.. At least nakatikim naman ng pera ang lahat na nakatanggap ng AYUDA kahit papanu.. Dati walang corruption ba pero limpak limpak na salapi unliquidated.. Pati Donation ng YOLANDA di man lang nakatikim ung mga nasalanta ng Bagyo.. Honest daw sila

Ganyan kasi na ang ginagawa ng mga desperadong Dilawan at Pulaan ang COA naman ang kanilang ginagamit kasi Anti kay PRRD din kasi Yan Independent Body gaya COA. Pero ang Mas nakakarami na pilipino ay mas mapanuri na ngayon. Wala ng maniniwala pa sa mga ganyan na style. Bulok din ang COA na yan, commented another netizen.

You may read Sonza’s full FB post below.

Tuloy ang upak kahit magmukhang tanga.

COA incomplete report on the following:


Today, COA incomplete report on PagIbig Fund.

Bukas may parating pa sa ibang tanggapan.

Pakapalan ng apog. Napasubo na kasi.

Hindi baleng mapahiya.

It does not have to be true.

It just have to appear like it is true.

Istilong bulok ng mga dilawan at pulahan.

Basta ang importante, iyong Office of the Vice President perfect ang kanilang audit report for 3 consecutive years.

Ibigay ang hilig. Tutal sila-sila ang nagpapaniwala sa sarili nilang gimik. Enjoy it folks.


Source: Jay Sonza

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