“It is dishonest and stupid.” — Lawyer on VP Robredo lamenting our system is failing us

On 18th of April 2021, News5, VP Leni Robredo’s official mouthpiece, shared her statement lamenting that it has been heartbreak after heartbreak of people dying because the system is failing us.

Yes, you read it right. The VP is blaming our system for the people dying during the pandemic.

Robredo’s statement did not make Atty. Bruce Rivera very happy.

In a Facebook post, the Cebuano lawyer took to Facebook to express his disagreement with Robredo’s statement via an FB article with the title, “THE POLITICS OF BLAME“.

Rivera starts the article by stating his opinion and that is, he can’t blame the system but the people for electing politicians like Robredo who resort to blaming instead accountability to cover up their ineptness.

“There is a reason why we are poor. We elect people like her. Politicians used to blaming instead of real accountability. Leaders who use God and the merits of suffering when they were in charge to cover up ineptness. The very same people who are the master blamers in today’s political arena.”

Rivera is appalled that Robredo would attack the very system that elected her, that she protected when she opposed to any moves to Federalism.

“Madame, you lament the victims of a failed system? The very same system you claim elected you. The very same system you protected when you opposed any moves to federalism. The very system you zealously guard until the same bit you in the ass.”

Here’s the climatic part when Rivera tells Robredo the meaning of system failure.

“Madame, the system failed when people like you play it and win. But you cannot blame a preexisting condition for a more virulent reason. It is dishonest and stupid.”

Rivera added that our system did not fail the covid victims but our health infrastructure, our immunity etc.. In other words, we are all to blame why we are where we are now! And that includes her!

“The system did not fail the Covid victims. Our health infrastructure failed. Our immunity failed us. Our habits failed us. Destiny failed us. Our allies failed us. Luck failed us. Even our faith failed us. Everything and everyone failed us. This is a collective effort of screw ups. INCLUDING YOU.”

Rivera says many Filipinos are not stupid and know that playing the blame game in the middle of the fight is an exercise of futility.

“And many Filipinos know better. We know that it is futile to blame in the middle of the fight. Right now, I can blame my parents for giving me genes prone to comorbidity. I can blame my habits for making me more at risk. I can blame democracy for giving me too many rights It hurts to quarantine. I can blame capitalism for the cost of vaccines and tests. I can blame China for the virus. I can blame the US for not being an ally. I can blame planes, OFW, tourism, low IQ, trapo, etc.”

In other words, Rivera tells Robredo that we cannot just blame anything, the system without blaming ourselves. And self accountability knowing that the government and the system could only do so much. In short, to survive, we need to fight as one as a nation and quit playing the blame game.

“But I cannot blame anything and anyone without blaming myself. It all comes back to introspection. And we need self accountablility now when we know that this is a battle where government and the system could only do as much and the rest depends on our collective strength and perseverance.”

“That last thing we want to hear is a lamentation of desperation from the Vice President that she blames the system,” Rivera writes.

Rivera, in brutally honest way, admits our system really sucks. In fact, Robredo even won. Rivera is happy though that the system gave us a President that actually acting like a leader. He laments the system gave us a VP acting like a whiny spoiled brat!

“We know this system sucks. It managed to put you there. And while we have a President that actually is acting like a leader. The system gave us a vice president acting like a whiny spoiled brat.”

“Now, I am convinced this presidential system needs to go,” Rivera says before parking his pen este laptop.

Source: Bruce V. Rivera

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