IT professor and professionals agree on one thing – altering script of transparency server dooms Marcos’s 1M lead over Robredo

An IT expert told the senators on Monday’s resumption of the senate probe on electoral fraud that the VP candidate had the most number of votes in the canvassing of ballots should have been declared just before Smartmatic altered the script of the transparency server.

A professor from Asia Pacific College told senators that he wished to add the exposé of then senate majority floor leader and now Senate President Vicente Sotto III regarding the existence of seven halves. Those seven halves that the public didn’t know have the potential to reflect the votes from the very, very councilor of each precinct to the city, to the provinces as well as to the national that everybody can see whether it really reflects the same. What we have is just the grand total without really noticing what has happened.

The IT professor told the senators in their faces that Bongbong Marcos is the real vice president.

“We can see that for the vice presidential candidate in the person of Vice President Bongbong Marcos who’s leading by 1 million and then the insertion of the “ñ” in the middle of the live transmission by all means, my God that is a violation.

You don’t do that in a live transmission on production run because that is tampering. What you should have done, stop the counting and just remain? whatever the outcome of that result and make that thing be the final result. Because beyond that, that is something for digital forensics….”

The IT professor hits the Comelec, the senators for allowing themselves to be fooled by a foreigner, making the Filipinos the laughing stock in the world.

I am sorry but this thing, we are looking like fools in this industry, in this body.

We are experts in this field. We represent among us 1,500,000 IT professionals in the country. We know our business, we know our trade. And the rest of the people here act if they know what they’re talking about. And the problem is they don’t what they’re talking about. They are just being led by this vendor, a foreigner, a man, whose nationality we don’t even know.

Anyway, IT experts among social media peeps agreed with the IT professor and resource speaker in the senate probe as shown in the comments below.

Maynne Millares I was a System Administrator for 4 private companies. My opinion:

* Putang ina, hindi dapat nag-uupload sa foreign server ang election results ng VCM. Corporate confidential files are not uploaded in Amazon, a more confidential and nationally important election results should not be uploaded to a server outside of PH.
* When rolling-out any changes to a system, hindi ginagawa iyan sa live system. The changes are done in the test servers first, then inspected by relevant authorities before it gets uploaded to update the VCMs.
* The Philippines has a great talented IT professionals and companies that can run the election. Why are we settling with a Venezuelan IT company Smartmagic, which was rejected by their own Venezuelan Government to conduct their local elections there?

Any decent IT professional today can smell all the rotten anomalies of the Smartmagic-Comelec fiasco 12,000 KM away.

Leo A Mamaclay

sa IT Department ako nag tratrabaho at kasama sa training namin ang ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management at ISO 20000-1:2011 IT Service Management Systems maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw na hinding hindi pwede mag update ng program kahit gaano pa ka minor ang change (change is change) sa isang live system ng hindi dadaan sa standard procedure. Isa na don ang ipaalam sa lahat ng party na involve kung para saan ang change, ano ang impact ng change, roll back plan in case sumablay ang change, etc… in short hindi ito isang simpleng procedure lalo hindi isang corporate or company ang pinag uusapan kung hindi isang ELECTION take note NATIONAL ELECTION.

Sa lahat ng IT na nakakintindi maaamoy na gaguhan ginawa noong 2016 election.

Lolit Lullette-Inday

I work in the IT field also, banking software to be specific… I agree that you don’t interrupt a production run with even a slight change… a certain change has to go through a rigorous testing before it can be implemented in production! That is a fact in the IT world!

Ven Bañez

i am working as System Administrator in Qatar. Bunch of people i knew with this mentality. They keep complaining and suggesting. As if they have any single fucking idea what is going on behind the system. Even the cycle server/network environment.

Your thoughts?

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