It sick in my book!!! —British national on VP Leni Robredo using victims of Taal volcano for photo opportunity to poke fun of her bashers!!!

It sick in my book!!!

Essentially, the phrase above summarizes the sentiment of a British national in reaction to photo of smiling VP Leni Robredo posing before camera while using the Taal evacuees as the backdrop.

Previously, another photo of Robredo posing beside a box of biscuit with the text that reads, “Mocha” angered many supporters of President Duterte who interpreted the said photo as VP Leni Robredo’s way of retaliating at the Deputy Executive Director for the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration on public.

It can be recalled that previously, Robredo had an axe to grind against Uson for criticizing the Vice President while visiting an evacuation center in Batangas with a bottle of mineral water and a pieces of bread to each evacuees. However, Rappler already fact-checked Mocha and declared this “fake news?”

However, upon closer inspection, the infamous photo of Robredo poking fun at Mocha Uson was actually a screen capture of the video wherein Robredo was being projected by her PR handlers as down-to-earth and caring VP and mother.

Posted by VP Leni Robredo on Thursday, January 16, 2020

Moving forward, the British national who is also a Duterte supporter, wrote on Facebook expressing one’s opinion regarding the VP using the Taal victims in some kind of opportunity to poke fun at her bashers as wrong.

I don’t believe it’s right for the Vice President of the Philippines to use the victims of the Taal volcano in some kind of photo opportunity to poke fun of her bashers!!!

The Briton remarked that the VP should be credited though for offering food (lugaw and pandesal) to the victims in need.

It has been widely reported that the Vice President fed the victims with Pandesal and Lugaw. Granted, she was offering food to victims in need and credit should be given to her for that.

However, the Briton also said that using the disaster to gain political points and humiliation is entirely wrong and inexcusable. Judging by the photos, the Briton said the VP owes the victims an apology for her stunt.

“BUT to use this disaster for the purposes of political point scoring and humiliation is entirely wrong and inexcusable. The people in the background, all innocent victims (including children) in these photos had clearly been used by the Vice President in her political campaigning. I believe she owes the victims an apology for her stunt.”

The Briton concluded the FB post by defining what is sick according to his book.

There she is, posing for staged photos, with a wide grin on her face, when the reality is that some of these people have lost homes, properties and maybe even their livelihoods. It sick in my book!!!. 😡

BTW, the author of the FB article was Malcolm Conlan, an huge fan of President Duterte who regularly defend the President or makes strong comments versus the critics of the Duterte administration on Facebook and for that, Filipinos fans adore him and consider the Brita as one of their own.

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Source: Malcolm Conlan

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