It started as a boring verbal war between fearless Krizette & UP lawyer…then enter Ateneo lawyer!

The verbal war between UP lawyer and pro-Duterte blogger started when the former accused pro-Duterte bloggers of wanting to have access to Malacanang.

The pro-Duterte blogger denied this and told UP lawyer to research.

And boy he did!

UP lawyer got back to her via a Facebook post but pro-Duterte blogger heckled the former for coming up short.



Here’s the respond of pro-Duterte blogger Krizette Laureta Chu to UP lawyer.

Hindi ko naman ineexpect na super affected at hurt si Atty. Falcis kaya naglabas tuloy ng CV nya. 😂 Sutil din yung site na to na nag post ng “Fearless Krizette” parang iniinis nyo pa si Falcis. Wag ganon, mga bes. 😂

After he charged us with wanting access to Malacanang, like media, I told Atty. Jesus Falcis to research. (Kindly use Atty. when referring to him moving forward, kasi sa lahat ng lawyers, siya lang nag abala ilagay ang word na “Atty.” kaya please ha.)

Anyway, apparently he did. And came up with this: I was a sub editor at Manila Standard.

Madlang people, this is the attorney you will hire? He couldn’t even research the most basic facts, and my digital footprint is all over the Internet.

Hindi ako taga Manila Standard. Hahaha.

(Also, my sincerest apologies to the good people at Manila Standard. Sorry po at nadamay kayo sa pang iinsulto nila sa dyaryo ninyo.)

Good luck to Falcis’–“best debater ever, I peaked in college”–future clients.

If you have any legal problems in the future, I highly suggest, if you were to base it on “debating awards” — that you hire top caliber lawyers like Trixie Cruz Angeles (after her suspension is lifted), ASEAN Intervarsity Debates Best Speaker or Bruce Rivera, who won all-Asian intervarsity debate championship in Thailand. Tapos ang ganda pa ni Bruce, ay, Minerva.

Pero dahil marami silang ibang achievements, parang hindi masyadong big deal sa kanila. Isa lang kasi yon sa achievements nila. Bet tayo pag 95 na si Falcis yung uulit ulitin niyang ikukuwento sa mga kilala nya: “One time, in debate camp, I won this award…”

(Nung high school ako, isinalang ako ng school ko sa isang city-wide debate. Hindi ko alam bakit nila naisip na may karapatan ako mag debate. Sabi ko dun sa opponent ko habang nag sasalita, “Ok whatever if you dont believe me!” Tapos sabay irap. Na cut short po ang aking debating career agad agad 14 pa lang ako.

HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAHAHHA. Kung alam ko lang basehan ng happiness in life to, sana nagpaka epal ako. LOL LOL.)

LOOOOOOL what’s up, Atty, research is so Falpak!
Kayo din, pag hi-nire niyo yan…

(Btw, masyado ko na daw sya pinapasikat, nadagdagan daw ang followers ng bongga, natuwa ang kampo, naging Tier 67 sya from Tier 100, so last na to. Na establish ko na naman na pipitsuging lawyer sya. Wellllll….. unless painitin na naman nya ang anit ko.

Pero favor guys, yung mga insulto insulto, kebs lang yon, pero pag may nakita kayong puwedeng pang habla at pang gamit sa disbarment case–slander, ganong levels–pa screencap pliyez. Andami ko kayang friends na BEST DEBATER EVER lawyers din. HAHAHAHAH. Ilugar natin si Falcis.)

If UP lawyer thinks his humiliation ends here, now enters Ateneo lawyer whose spot on commentary on social media has been polished from his years of experience as a government fiscal specializing in criminal cases to deliver the coup de grace against the UP lawyer.

I just saw a funny post from Madam Krizette…as a lawyer, let me give my thoughts.

A practitioner boasts of his cases. If you want to pound on experience, you’d talk about number of cases, cases won, or in my case, convictions. If defense, you’d talk acquittals. Kung pera-pera, consider your client list. Yung list of blue chip, high paying clients that pay for airfare to witness a contract signing in Las Vegas. Premium time billing and retainer. That’s called PROFESSIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENT.

Debates? Filipinos love to argue. Your neighborhood toughie can debate. Try showing off to a judge about to bury your case. Sure, you can wax poetic about your case. But I pity your client whose case got junked because you don’t know when to shut your mouth. And FYI, Almost everyone who finished law school are good at debating. Some even won at Jessup Moot Court competitions. That’s debating for lawyers.

Netizens cheered on Atty. Canete’s post by expressing it in the comments section.

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