‘It starts with you.’ — This Atenean thinks Leni Robredo # 1 problem to PH efforts in beating c0vid

Retired journalist and Ateneo alumnus Ermin Garcia Jr. believes the Philippines can beat covid-19, but he said there is one hindrance why the Duterte admin can’t beat covid just yet.

‘YES, VP, PH CAN DO IT. There is only one problem and explanation why PH can’t stop COVID-19 just yet.’

Without batting an eyelash, he accused the VP of being the #1 problem in the country’s battle against covid.

‘It starts with you.’

Garcia said the Duterte government’s hands are tied unlike other countries who succeeded so far in their battle versus covid.

‘Gov’t can’t, won’t jail and impose P10k fine on persons who violate health, security protocols like other countries can, do and did, and SUCCEEDED.’

Garcia remarked that by merely asking the violators to do this under the sun, for sure Robredo will be screaming human rights violations on TV or cry dictatorship in EU and UN.

‘Yong ibabad lang sa araw ang mga pasaway ng kalahating araw, kung hindi human rights violation ang sigaw mo sa media, dictatorship ang sigaw mo sa EU at UN!’

Garcia pointed that countries who have succeeded in flattening the curve were the lucky ones because they did not have politicians like the ones in the Philippines. Hence, their leaders aren’t scared to go hard against violators, knowing there is no one playing politics amid the pandemic.

‘The countries that succeeded in flattening the curve did not see politicians weaponize human rights and strict enforcement backed by severe penalties. Alam nila na walang pulitika sa pandemya.’

Garcia asked Robredo what’s their secret? And went on to spoon feed Robredo the answer. ‘So, how about it, VP Leni? It’s about good governance.’

Garcia dared Robredo to issue a statement recommending a penalty, a harsh one at that, just like in other countries. Garcia remarked Robredo will have instant converts and believers, especially those people who perceives her dumb.

‘Bakit hindi ka mag recommend ng 1 month jail term at P10k fine, and defend it! Dyan, tama ka, walang tatawa! Bibilib pa sa iyo ang mga nagsasabing bobo ka!’

Otherwise, she better shut up because it is very obvious what Robredo and her allies up to in saying PH is a failure compared to other countries in dealing with the pandemic.

‘If you won’t do it, then please, with all due respect, SHUT UP! (Obviously, you think you can destabilize govt by showing that PH is a failure compared to others, without you suggesting a viable solution).’

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Source: Ermin Garcia Jr

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