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“Ito yung Pisotistic platform of government” — Lawyer on Senator Ping Lacson’s melodramatic tweet on national debt

“Ito yung Pisotistic platform of government.” This is the initial reaction of a lawyer who goes by the name Tom Berenguer on Facebook to Ping Lacson’s tweet regarding the country’s national debt which he said has ballooned to P11.07T.

Berenguer asked if borrowing was bad? If the borrowed money was poured in infrastructure projects and for social services to make Filipinos more productive, the taxes government collects increases thus making it possible for the government to pay what was borrowed?

“Masama ba mangutang? E kung yung inuutang naman binubuhos sa mga proyekto at pangalagaan ang mga mamamayan para mas maging productive sila, lalaki yung buwis na nakokolekta at mababayaran din yung utang di ba?”

Berenguer inquired Lacson if he has any idea of the concept of debt to GDP ration? Otherwise, he recommended Lacson to learn from experts like Edwin Jamora.

“Alam mo ba ang konsepto ng debt to GDP ratio? Kung hindi, ipapaliwanag yan ng eksperto gaya ni Edwin Jamora.”

Berenguer reminded Lacson that our national debt has been there for a long time. He can’t help but ask why Lacson’s sudden interest since he has been a senator from 2001, and it is just now he is making a noise about national debt?

“Ang utang ng Pinas nung panahon pa ni mahoma andyan na yan. Bakit parang bigla kang interesado dyan senador ka na 2001 pa, ngayon ka lang nag iingay tungkol dyan?”


Berenguer’s post has created quite a bad rep for Lacson and his presidential ambition among Duterte supporters like the OP.

As of this writing, Berenguer’s post has generated 1,423 reactions, 90 comments and 60 shares in 4 hours and counting.

“Using the earthquake for political reasons” remarked a netizen.

“Even US UK riches country borrow by the trillions for economic growth. Is there no other issues or they are just plain idiots?” asked another netizen.

Lacson is just politicking and yet he even failed commented a netizen. “Mamumulitika lang iyan sablay pa, kaya pala ang laki na ng utang natin e, e sila yung mga nasa national govt ng ilang dekada na, wala naman silang malaking nagawa o proyekto para sa taong bayan, baka nasa kanila yung iba.”

This netizen sounded baffled since Lacson wants to run for President and yet he appears clueless on how national debt works. “Ping, How can you run for president.. you don’t even know how national debt works.”


Source: Tom Berenguer

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