It’s a double black eye for Chel Diokno at the Supreme Court – writ of Kalikasan junked, may face disbarment for violating Rules of Court?

It’s a double black eye for OtsoDiretso bet Chel Diokno at the Supreme Court today!

First, the Supreme Court has junked his writ of Kalikasan petition after it was found out the fishermen-petitioner did not sign it.

You may watch the video below from News5.

On that note, Thinking Pinoy said that the defeated OtsoDiretso senatorial bet may be facing suspension or disbarment for appearing in court without authority from their clients.

In short, Chel Diokno and the administration critics employed dirty tactics just to embarrass President Duterte and his government in the eyes of the public.

For a detailed explanation, you may read TP’s full FB post below.


In today’s SC oral arguments for the Writ of Kalikasan plea (Abodago v DENR), SolGen Calida said the fishermen-petitioners were surprised to learn that a case was filed on their behalf, i.e. it appears the petitioners’ counsels, led by Atty. Chel Diokno, appeared in court without authority from clients.

Speaking to Associate Justice Marvic Leonen, Solicitor-General Jose Calid said,”The petitioners went to see Captain Angare (Legal Officer of the Naval Forces West Palawan) in her office because they were distressed by the news that they filed a case against the government [].”

Appearing in court to without authority from a client, i.e. willfully appearing as attorney for any party without authority, is an offense punishable by suspension or disbarment under Sec. 27, Rule 138, Rules of Court [], as shown in Cham v. Pizarro [AC No. 5499;]. — feeling shocked at Supreme Court of the Philippines.

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