It’s Friday! So guess what was on the menu when Japan’s PM Abe had breakfast at the humble home of Duterte?

The visit of Japanese PM Shinzo Abe to the home of President Duterte has left millions of Filipinos mesmerized, causing social media to explode with praises for the two leaders.

The visit of a Japanese PM to the house of a Philippine President is no small feat, much more, hosting breakfast to the leader of one of the leading economic superpowers in the world.

But wait until you know what were served in the breakfast table of the humble and very down-to-earth Philippine President to the Japanese Prime Minister?

According to the report from Manila Bulletin, “platters of rice cakes like biko, suman and kutchinta were laid out for the visiting PM and her wife who is considered by President Duterte as “closer than a brother” to him.”

Since the visit falls on a Friday, cups of steaming monggo soup were also served, which in Filipino tradition, is usually a staple on dining tables all over the country.

Heart of Banana Salad made of pickled banana blossom with ginger, onion and tomato in native vinaigrette, steamed cake or Puto, and a platter of ripe mangoes, pomelo and rambutan. Pandan water, tea, coffee and buko juice were served to the esteemed guests.

Credits to photo owner []

Credits to photo owner []

But don’t lose sleep thinking Honeylet and Duterte did all the food preparation because the Internal House Affairs Office (IHAO) of Malacanang were flown in especially for the occasion.

Screengrab courtesy of Kitty Jamie:

“Duterte gave the Japanese leader and his wife a tour of his home and drew amused chuckles from Abe when he showed him the much-talked about iconic mosquito net or kulambo in his bedroom which his aides described as something that the President could not sleep without,” the Manila Bulletin reported.

PM Abe and his wife spent 45 minutes of warm camaraderie with the Dutertes over native rice cakes and monggo soup, which happen to be President Duterte’s favorites.

The reaction of netizens has been positive towards the simplicity of the breakfast served by the host family to the visiting PM and his wife.

Tita Ritz remarked: Both are so simple, humble and sincere. True leaders!

Tet Sebastian-Patil wrote: Digong is our humble and very simple President that we respect and love! God bless Digong and your administration! God bless the Philippines! 😊

Jim Tan said: This is my President. No pretensions. Tunay na makamasa at di nahihiya sa kanyang bahay walang cosmetics para magyabang lang. Kaya Mabuhay po kayo Pres. Tatay Digong..maka masang tunay.

Lu Cille said: Much love for the leader of one of the expensive and powerful countries in world and the humble man, Mr. Duterte ❤ your life, motivated will to change the bulok system and love for the filipino people must be written in history books! You President is worth the read 😢

Dalisay Arciaga echoed the sentiment of many netizens: Very humble ng ating Presidente Duterte.pinakita niya ang kaniyang higaan na may kulambo ding kasama, God Bless our PresidentDuterte,,,,,,,,

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Source: Manila Bulletin, Juan Step Para Sa Tunay na Pagbabago


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