“It’s like Judas investigating betrayal” —Manila Bulletin writer on Sen. Drilon investigating corruption under Duterte admin

On Senator Franklin Drilon leading the charge in the senate anti-corruption probe?

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu found it ironic and even nauseating for someone like Drilon whose credibility when talking about corruption is one of the leaders in the senate probe on corruption.

Chu compared Drilon leading the the investigation on corruption to Judas probing betrayal.

Chu also took a jab at senators whose names she did not mention who making noise about corruption under the Duterte admin but like Drilon, their names are not squeaky clean as they wants the public to believe.

Chu wondered if there are no other senators who will step up to the plate because like every one else, Chu and the public are interested to uncover the truth but not Drilon who feigned very shocked of the “suspicious” government deals.

Chu asked Drilon and company to stop the charade because it makes her vomit. Chu implied that Drilon and his pals are not okay with the “anomalous deals” because they are not part of it level of doubt?

You may read the original post below now.

It’s so hard to take Senators who are investigating corruption seriously when you know they don’t have the moral high ground.

Drilon “investigating” corruption? Wala bang sense of irony itong mga to? It’s like Judas investigating betrayal.

Wala bang iba, yung gusto din namin malaman Kung Ano Yung totoo pero hindi mga gaya ni Drilon yung Kunyari eh shocked na shocked sa mga government deals na “suspicious.”

Puwede ba, nakakasuka. Yung SO HINDI OK SA INYO ANG “ANOMALOUS DEALS” KASI HINDI KAYO KASALI level of doubt?

As of this writing, Chu’s FB post has generated 4,573 reactions, 218 comments and 200 shares in just 8 hours and counting.

Netizens jumped into comment section to shares their thoughts on the post.

Maraming naging perfectionist na mga Senator nung time na ni Digong. Not long ago, Rappler din unang naglabas ng pics ni Drilon with Napoles in various occasions. After some wheeling and dealing ng PNoy admin, na focus ang kaso kina Pogi, Sexy at Tanda, yung kay Drilon dedma at sinubukan pa nilang idawit din sa PDAF si BBM. Wag kami Drilon! Mukha mo nasa Senado 20+ yrs na, wag mo kaming patutsadahan na kontra ka sa corruption. You were part of the previous admins na mas corrupt pa! Pwe wrote one netizen.

I think Judas will find it very insulting to be compared with Senator Drilon, joked another netizen.

I can’t stand Drillon‘s holier than thou attitude. He thinks is sinless always casting the first stone. What a nerve! Not a slightest shame in his animal body, commented another.

They bunch of hypocrite senators are just envious that their time was way over. They are afraid of being left out again of not having some part of the meat from kickback percentage come next years election, chimed in another.


Source: Krizette Chu

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