“It’s not really the physical presence which matters, it’s LEADERSHIP.” — Radio host to critics looking for PRRD amid Taal volcano eruption

In case you missed it, retired singer-actress Leah Navarro complained on Twitter about no public anger over President Duterte’s absence during natural disasters.

Radio host Mark Lopez replied that there was no public anger because the Duterte administration has been proactively doing its job. [Link here]

Leah Navarro did not here. She lashed at President Duterte, accusing the President of lacking empathy or sympathy for our suffering people.

Navarro blamed the gullible and uninformed Filipinos for electing them. Navarro asked how much more can we endure? And said she’s done.

Navarro’s tirade on Twitter merited a second round of rebuttal from radio host Mark Lopez.

A visibly annoyed Lopez couldn’t contain his emotions and went on to walk down the memory lane, reminisced the times when Noynoy was the President and Mar was the DILG Secretary and super typhoon Yolanda struck Visayas.

By looking at the title of Lopez’s post, you can tell where his line of argument was going and boy, LP supporters would surely cringe how Noynoy and Mar mishandled it and if only they can sweep it under the rug, they will do it because it was very embarrassing on their part.

Lopez also raised the issue of the Luneta Hostage crisis and the Mamasapano incident where once again, Noynoy’s incompetence were shown to the world

Lopez then asked netizens what was the point of his post?

Lopez answered that physical presence does not necessarily make a whale of difference because Noynoy and Mar were physically present or monitoring the situation from the control room but unfortunately, their presence did not spell a difference.

What matters most, Lopez argued, is leadership.

Leadership he said is the huge difference between then and now.

You may read the original article below.


Mar Roxas was at ground zero in Tacloban the day before Yolanda unleashed her fury. And he was there as the over-all point person.

But what was his first act the day after Yolanda wreaked havoc? He wanted the mayor to sign a waiver so that he can mobilize government resources to render the much-needed help, because according to him “the mayor is a Romualdez, and the President is an Aquino.”

In short, in the face of dead bodies which littered the streets, and shocked survivors who are physically, mentally and spiritually drained, Mar Roxas PLAYED POLITICS FIRST BEFORE DECIDING HE HAS TO HELP.

NOYNOY AQUINO was PERSONALLY at the command center for both the Luneta Hostage situation and the Mamasapano encounter, and we all know how it went badly, and how these two events ended up as major proof of BS Aquino III’s INCOMPETENCE.

So what’s the point of this post?

It’s not really the physical presence which matters, it’s LEADERSHIP.

Notice how all departments are so active even with information dissemination and updates, not to mention quick action and mobilization on the ground, and also how we don’t even hear about foreign aid or assistance overtaking or being highlighted?

This my dear peeps, is the DIFFERENCE of THEN and NOW.

Huge isn’t it?

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Source: Mark Lopez

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