Jailed Gen. Jovi Palparan tells Mocha Uson “real story” behind his incarceration, blames NDF & De Lima for grave injustice done to him & subordinates

As the clamor on social media from some netizens to free retired Major Gen. Jovito from his incarceration reaches the highest decibel, Mocha Uson paid the General a visit to get to know the CPP-NPA’s #1 hated enemy.

After a brief introduction and Uson making ‘bola’ to the General, the two proceeded to a tiny office to start the 38-minute interview.

Palparan said that he was transferred to the Bilibid Prison in October 2018 but he stayed at the Army Custodial Center at Fort Bonifacio for 5 years prior to his brief detention in a Bulacan jail.

From the get-go, Uson asked Palparan who want him to go to prison and the General replied that it was the NDF (National Democratic Front) and it was the result of a long campaign against him since they knew him when he was the Battalion Commander in Bulacan and then in Mindoro, brief but productive campaign against the NPAs and in Samar where he stayed for 6 months as a Division Commander and neutralized the NPA insurgency in the island.

Palparan also claimed the NDF went after him when was the Iraq contingent head when the Philippines sent a small military contingent to join the US and other allied troops against Saddam Hussein and was sent home due to the pressure of the NDF.

Palparan recalled he was in Iraq at the time when a Filipino driver was abducted.

Palparan blamed the strongly lobbying of the NDF that led to his recall from Ormoc because at that time, GMA had an impeachment case in Congress so the NDF and two district Congressmen, whom he accused of  being a communist sympathizers, used it as a leverage to get what they want and Palparan was the victim of that power play.

Palparan alleged that these district Congressmen owed their Congress seat to the leftists organizations who had a strong influence in their areas that was why they worked with the leftist party-list representatives to lobby for Palparan’s return from Iraq to the Philippine soil.

Palparan was assigned in Central Luzon and Bulacan was one of his areas of responsibilities where led another intense campaign against the NPA.

Palparan narrated with sadness in his voice of the Bulacan alleged kidnapping of two UP students occurred at that when he was stationed there.

However, Palparan insisted they were not UP students anymore they’ve been out of UP for a couple of years.

In addition, Palparan revealed that the missing UP students were indeed NPA’s. In fact, according to their investigation, the two female UP students were indeed NPA commanders.

Palparan denied having to do with the kidnapping of the UP students.

The retired General blamed the Bulacan judge who handled his case for the grave injustice done to him and his subordinates which he insisted were innocent as well.

Palparan accused the judge of ignoring the evidences they presented in court while believing the inconsistent testimony of NDF’s witness.

Palparan said the case against him happened in 2006 but it was revived by Leila de Lima, who was the CHR Chief at that time when Palparan and Jun Alcover, another staunch anti-NPA advocate and Party-list Representative earned de Lima’s ire after Alcover asked de Lima how she was connected to Joma Sison’s wife whose maiden name was also a de Lima.

Palparan revealed, Leila de Lima was the cousin of Joma Sison’s wife.

Anyway, this is quite long, if you want to get the details, I suggest who watch the entire video below and I promise you, you will learn a lot.

Palparan also said something about Teddy Casino’s Bayan Muna and I am sure Casino will vehemently deny this that his group is NPA’s money collector and recruiter of the NPA. In addition, Palparan said that Bayan Muna also served as the NPA’s DA or disciplinary action implementing body.

Meanwhile, Palparan expressed high hopes that under President Duterte, the problem of insurgency will finally end because of the kind of support the President has extended to the AFP. Of course, the President cannot do this without the support of the AFP which he said plays a bigger role in the campaign against ending Southeast Asia’s longest insurgency problem.



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As of this writing, the Mocha Uson interview of jailed Major General Jovito Palparan seemed to be gaining momentum as the video has generated more than 29,000 reactions, more than 4,000 comments and more than 23,000 shares on Facebook.

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