Janet Napoles’ eureka moment when former DBM Secretary Butch Abad taught her that “2 + 2 = 6”!

How many people do you know who are high school grads, rub elbows with big-time politicians and elites and a billionaire in the Philippines?

Honestly, I only know two people who fit the description, namely, Manny Pacquiao and Janet Napoles.

Manny Paacquaio achieved billionaire status by sheer hard work, determination and special talent.

Janet Napoles did it due to a combination of good business sense, luck and connections with people who walks in the corridors of power.

Well, the first two are educated guesses but Janet Napoles affidavit gives us insight how her meeting with Butch Abad changed her fortune.

According to a Rappler article dated May 27, 2014, Janet Napoles was introduced to then Congressman Butch Abad by Manuel Jarmin.

Manuel Jarmin was the acting director of the Department of Agriculture’s (DA) Livestock Development Council when the Rappler wrote the article.

The meeting took place inside a Japanese restaurant in Edsa Shangri-la Plaza Hotel sometime in year 2000.

According to Janet Napoles’ affidavit, Abad showed her the Special Allotment Release Order (SARO).

Abad explained what it was for.

Napoles claimed giving Abad 2M pesos in that meeting.

When the Notice of Cash Allocation (NCA) was released, Napoles again gave Abas 2M pesos. This time, the meeting took place in Cravings, Katipunan, QC.

Napoles and Abad talked about the implementation of the project. Abad asked her if she had an NGO or coop.

When Napoles replied she had none, Abad told her will take care of it.

As far as Napoles recollection is concerned, Abad used the Batanes Electric Cooperative to implement the project.

Eventually, Abad returned the P4M she gave him with interest amounting to P2M.

So there you go folks, Napoles learned from Abad that in politics 2+2 is not always equals 4 but sometimes 6 and even more. Lol

Abad denied ever dealing with Napoles in such manner but did not deny he may be acquainted with Manuel Garmin.

Here’s the statement from Abad, courtesy of Rappler.

“None of these things took place – this mysterious P10-million project, the clandestine meetings in the EDSA Shangri-La and Cravings-Katipunan, the crash course on PDAF corruption I supposedly gave her in those two meetings, and finally, the happily generous exchange of millions in cash between us – except in the warped, fevered imagination of Ms Napoles.”

Netizen Sarah Mercado does not buy Abad’s alibi. “Napoles could not do the kurakot by herself alone, may nagre release ng pera. Siya lang kunwari nagre request KUNO. Hindi siya puwedeng kumuha na lang ng kumuha ng pera from the Government lalo na kung milyones na halaga ang involved.

Ang tanong diyan kung naka record ba lahat ang release ng pera, kailan at para saan. Should be dahil milyones ang involved

Mate trace naman iyan sa record ng mga nirelease na pera ni Abad unless na may mauutusan na burahin or baguhin ang figure… Gumagamit na ng computer ang government noon, so walang problema dapat kung titignan ulit ang record.

Alangan naman nag release si Abad ng pera tapos walang record, saang bank ipinasok ang pera… I do not think na Cash ang ibinigay, remember this is supposed to be projects, LEGAL KUNO, NATURAL may requisition so dumaan ang pera sa bank.”

Netizen Christian Emit says he does not believed Napoles was the mastermind of DAP scandal. “I never believed napoles was the mastermind, she may be a key person but a mastermind!? The likes of top government off will listen to.”

Your thoughts?

Source: Thinking Pinoy

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