Jay Sonza demands explanation from Yorme Isko how come a political butterfly like him now the new President of a principled party?

On news report that Yorme Isko Moreno is now the Aksyon Demokratiko Party President, days after he transferred from the National Unity Party, it appears that Yorme Isko has some explaining to do.

That is according to the latest FB post of retired broadcaster Jay Sonza.

“There is an item in the social media that Francisco Domagoso, aka Isko Moreno is the new president of Aksiyon Demokratiko, a political party founded by the late Education Secretary and Sen. Raul Roco and before his demise, the party was entrusted to a council of leaders and designated a convenor in the person of Jose Ma. Y. Sonza at his deathbed at St. Lukes Hospital.”

Sonza went on to enumerate the so-called council of leaders entrusted by the founding Chairman the late Senator Raul Roco. Guess who was the designated convenor? Yes, a certain Jose Ma. Y. Sonza aka Jay Sonza.

“Among them are Former NFA administrator and Nueva Ecija Rep. Edno Joson; Atty. Melanio “Batas” Mauricio, former national athlete and world bowling champion, Bong Coo, farmer-Journalist & crisis management consultan Jay Sonza, Mr. Concon Domado,, and Camarines Norte board member Panotes.”

Sonza said he checked on each of them and to his surprised, they were equally caught by surprise just like him on the news that Yorme Isko is now the party president.

“I checked on each of these senior party leaders of Aksyon Demokratiko and all of them are as shocked as you are that the elected mayor of Manila under the NUP (National Unification Party) is claiming to be the new President of our political party.”

“WOW Isko! Paano nangyare that a political butterfly like you is now the president of the principled political party?” a stunned Sonza asked.

Sonza demanded explanation from Yorme Isko to end the post.


Ipaliwanag mo nga Yorme.

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Source: Jay Sonza

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