Jay Sonza explores uncanny connection of Kiko Pangilinan, CPP/NPA & KADAMAY following senate testimony of former NPA cadre

Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza has explored Kiko Pangilinan’s connection with the CPP NPA NDF in light of the testimony of a former NPA cadre in the senate probe on red tagging.

Sonza opened the brief FB post by using the phrase below to give netizens a hint how the conversation will pan out.

“balik tanaw.
a look back.

Sonza asked netizens that not so long ago, Senator Kiko Pangilinan walked out of his way and posted the bail of Kadamay members who were apprehended for staging a strike in Quezon City during the ECQ?

“Hindi ba si Sen. Kiko Pangilinan ang nagpiyansa sa mga nahuling nagrally Kadamay members sa QC kamakailan habang nasa ECQ?”

Sonza recalled that Senator Pangilinan’s daughter Kakie and even his wife were very proud of Kiko’s empathy for the KADAMAY members?

“Hindi nga ba pinagmalaki pa ni Kakie at pamilya ni Ate Sharon ang pagmamalasakit ng asawang senador noon?”

At this juncture, Sonza revealed his reason why he is weighing the connection of Kiko Pangilinan to the CPP NPA in light of the testimony of the former NPA cadre that KADAMAY is a legal front of CPP NPA NDF.

“Sabi ng mga dating Cadre na tumestigo sa Senate hearing, CPP-NDF-NPA front organization ang KADAMAY!!!!”

I could not find the particular video of the testimony of the NPA cadre linking Kadamay to the CPP NPA NDF but I found a video that comes close to what Jay Sonza has been saying.

You may skip to 6:48 in the time since they were talking about NPA commanders and platoon leaders competing for new young female recruits.

According to the former NPA cadre, she was an NPA in the Mindanao area in 1982-83. In 1986, she went to Manila. In 2017, she became a member of KADAMAY because she already had a family.

She recalled that a friend told her that they will go to Bulacan to join KADAMAY and can become an instant house owner.

However, there was a caveat. She needs to attend a seminar in order to own a house. To make the story short, she attended the seminar and to her surprise, the attendees were taught about PADIPA. She said it was very familiar to her because it was no different to becoming an NPA.

You may continue watching the video below.


Source: Jay Sonza

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