Jay Sonza offers 6 possible reasons why ABS-CBN hates President Rody Duterte so much

Is it only me or you also find yourself asking: Why does ABS-CBN hates Duterte so much?

Well, if you belong to this category of people, Jay Sonza’s viral Facebook post offers an interesting insight why ABS-CBN is acting this way.

In summary, Sonza provided six possibilities to explain ABS-CBN’s antagonistic behavior towards President Duterte.

So without further adieu, you may read the post below now.

Why is main stream media acting this way?
(It is pregnant with possibilities)

In the case of ABS-CBN:
1. Is it because BenPress Holdings (the holding company of the Lopez Group of Companies, the network being a company under its wing) indebted with billions with the government (unpaid loans at DBP) and they are being run after?

2. Is it because Hacienda Luisita whose land is being distributed, owes Benpress millions in loan/investment and therefore cannot be paid anymore or recoup their investment?

3. Is it because some of the monies of the network are investments from American moguls (with alleged ties with the the CIA) who are affected by the independent foreign policy of the present administration?

4. Is it something to do with the personal friendship (barkada/powder boys) of some of the owners to defeated candidates?

5. Is it really the culture of the oligarch and the fascist not to acknowledge the rise of a “commoner”?

6. Is it true that the Lopezes are selling or have sold their shares that is why they don’t give a hoot what happens to the company?

ABS-CBN is a publicly listed corporation. The Lopezes are no longer the single owner of the network. Will the other big and small investors allow this company to go down the drain soonest? Remember, their franchise is expiring next year! Remember your permit to operate and business licenses are renewable every January? You have everything to loose and nothing to gain with what you are doing now?

Later, I will discuss the case of GMA and the other MSM.

Does Jay Sonza’s post makes sense to you? Please comment below.

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