Jay Sonza offers intriguing theories surrounding the mystery of so-called Angel Locsin ABS-CBN shares of stocks

Retired broadcster Jay Sonza has joined the speculation game as to the status of the so-called Angel Locsin shares of stocks in ABS-CBN.

It can be recalled that Locsin told her audience during the Kapamilya rally that she does not own any shares of stocks in ABS-CBN.

That statement from the Kapamilya actress was turned into a meme, eliciting various reactions from the likes of DDS blogger Mark Lopez, lawyers cum bloggers Trixie Cruz Angeles, Nick Nangit and even from retired broadcaster Jay Sonza. All of the above-mentioned names agreed that either Locsin was lying through her teeth or stupid enough to make such statement while public records show otherwise.

As soon as Locsin realized she must have said something incriminating, the Kapamilya actress quickly deleted her social media post containing that statement.

On that note, retired broadcaster Jay Sonza took to Facebook to offer his conspiracy theory surrounding the so-called Angel Colmenares ABS-CBN shares of stocks.

On Facebook, Sonza wrote that if the so-called ABS-CBN shares of stocks is not owned by Angel Locsin, he offered several intriguing theories.

‘Kung hindi kay Angel Locsin iyong ANGELICA LOCSIN COLMINARES, listed as No. 29 sa Top 100 shareholders ng ABS CBN Broadcasting Corporation, dalawang bagay o mga bagay-bagay ang sapantaha ko.’

First, Angel Colmenares aka Angel Locsin was simply a dummy of Eugenio “Gabby” Lopez.

dummy siya ni Eugenio “Gabby” Lopez III, past president and CEO & chairman emeritus of the Board of Directors

Second, Angel Colmenares was the dummy of Federico M. Garcia, past President and GM etc. of ABS-CBN.

dummy siya ni Federico M Garcia, past president and general manager & Board of Director member

Third, the issued stock certificates was named after an individual, say Jay Sonza, signed by him but under the possession of another individual and has not yet been sold or transferred, so in the official record, the issued stock certificates reflect Jay Sonza as the owner of the shares of stocks.

Conversely, pupuwede kasi iyong issued stock certificates nakapangalan kunwari sa akin, pero pirmado ko na at hawak ng ibang tao, subalit hindi pa naibebenta o naililipat, kaya sa official record, aking pangalan pa rin ang lilitaw.

Fourth, Sonza reckoned these are Angel Colmenares aka Angel Locsin’s investments as part of her payment when she signed a 5-year contract with the Kapamilya via the Employee Stock Option.

But I imagined these are her investments vis-a-vis (equivalent to signing bonus) her paid guaranteed 5 year talent contract with the network via the Employees Stock Option Plan or ESOP.

Jay Sonza confessed that was how he did it when he was with ABS-CBN. His talent fee for Mel & Jay was converted to stocks. He sold his shares of stocks, 90% of which, before he was dismissed and forced to resigned.

‘That is how we did it during my time with the Company. Iyong TF ko for Mel & Jay converted to stocks. Iyong salary ko as news director, announcer and producer, kinukobra ko tuwing pay day. Except that I was able to unload 90% of my stocks before I was constructively dismissed and eventually forced to resigned.’

In short, Locsin, did not spend any money to purchase the so-called shares of stocks.

‘In other words, walang lumabas na pera mula sa kanyang sariling carta mujeda.’

‘I can be mistakenly correct or correctly mistaken,’ Sonza concluded.

BTW, Angel Locsin’s boyfriend, Neil Arce, inadvertently revealed the owner of the shares of stocks attributed to her girlfriend in a tweet.

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Source: Jay Sonza

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