Jay Sonza on SC petition to declare Marcos COC void: No magistrate will DQ a duly elected voted by an overwhelming votes of over 31 million Filipino people

In response to the petition of Atty. Theodore Te and company asking the Supreme Court to declare the COC (Certificate of Candidacy) of the Presumptive President Bongbong Marcos void ab initio, retired broadcaster Jay Sonza argued this is a futile exercise on the part of the petitioner.

Sonza recalled that the Supreme Court already issued a statement that BBM cannot be disqualified using moral turpitude argument on the same case as income tax filing and payment which was already decided by the SC.

Sonza asked if the petitioners aren’t just wasting their time. They even asked TRO to stop Congress from doing its constitutional mandate and duties to canvass and declare the winners of the presidential and vice presidential elections.

Here’s the part which I think supporters of Kakampink who are praying to the high heavens that the SC will rule in their favor will hate Sonza even more…According to Sonza, the Supreme Court stopping Congress to do its principal mandate as written in the Constitution has never happened ever.

They are acting like stupid, correct? Sonza asked.

Sonza ended the FB post saying that no Magistrate in his or her own right frame of mind will dare to DQ of a duly elected President voted by overwhelming 31 million Filipinos with a winning margin of 16 million voters over closest rival.

You may now read Jay Sonza’s original FB post below.

Hindi nga ba at sinabi na ng Supreme Court noon pa hindi maaring i-disqualify si Marcos dahil walang usaping moral turpitude sa naunang kaso niya.

Heto naman tayo ngayon at umakyat pa sila Korte Suprema, gamit ang argumento na may usaping moral turpitude si BBM sa same case of income tax filing at payment which was already decided by the Supreme Court.

Hindi kaya nagsasayang lang oras itong mga petitioner. Tapos humihingi pa ng TRO para pigilan ang Kongreso na isagawa ang kanilang consitutionaL mandate at duties to canvass and declared the winners of the presidential and vice presidential elections.

Kahit kailan, hindi pa nangyari na napigilan ng Korte ang Kongreso na gawin ang kanyang principal mandate, na itinakda ng Saligang Batas.

Parang tanga lang, hindi ba?

No magistrate in his/her own right frame of mind, will go for the disqualification of a duly elected, by an overwhelming votes of over 31 million Pilipino people, with a margin of over 16 million votes against his closet rival candidate and over 2 million votes over the total number of votes cast for second running candidate.


Source: Jay Sonza

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