Jay Sonza on Sen. Lacson supporting law to criminalize red-tagging: “Ping, ang tunog ng latang sira at walang kalaman-laman.”

“Ping, ang tunog ng latang sira at walang kalaman-laman.”

This is the sarcastic remarks of retired broadcaster Jay Sonza in light of the statement of Sen. Ping Lacson who expressed support for a bill criminalizing red-tagging.

Sonza is disappointed that despite the expose’ and shocking testimonies of former NPA cadres, Lacson would want to do this.

“after weeks of expose’ & earth shaking testimonies of CPP-NDF-NPA cadres, Mr. Lacson wants to criminalize “red tagging” of known red personalities.”

“Mr. Senator, are you nuts?” Sonza threw a brazen question towards the direction of Senator Lacson.

“What’s your problem general?” Sonza inquired.

Sonza can’t help but think that Lacson’s position to criminalize red-tagging is uncharacteristic of the former PNP Chief considering his personal achievements in the government.

“Ping is a former PNP Chief.
Ping is a four (4) star general.
Ping is a former PACC Chief.
Ping is a former PC MISG officer.
Ping is a principal author of the Anti-Terrorism Law.”

Sonza ended the brief FB post by taking a swipe at Lacson.

“Ping, ang tunog ng latang sira at walang kalaman-laman.”

Lacson’s soft stance on the Left has left a bitter taste in the mouths of netizens, which can be gleaned at the netizens’ comments in Sonza’s thread.

“Another season political butterfly. Swerte talaga mga pinoy at hindi yan naging presidente”

“Doble kara kc si Lacson yan ang problema sa senator na yan. Binabalance niya kung saan siya mas makikinabang..”

“Ganyan ka lakas ang kapit nang NPA..senate is just a circus of clowns..hirap maniwala sa kanila..Di bah pde e abolish yan..Wla na cla ginawa kung di hearing lng nang hearing at wala nmn na kasuhan sa ginagawa nla..mga animal”

“If this is true, then Ping is doomed. We definitely must ride on the train of change that will shape the future of our children. Erase all these shitheads that hinders progress.”

“Like a general without a mission until the war will start again😀


Source: Jay Sonza

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