Jay Sonza presents DRZH tweet as exhibit A of Opposition’s dirty strategy to discredit Duterte administration

Ganito ang sinasabi ko na maruming strategy ng opposition para siraan ang kasalukuyang administrasyon.

This is the initial reaction of retired broadcaster Jay Sonza on graphics from DRZH News to its tweet announcing the passing of COA auditor who led the DOH report.

Sonza commented that auditor succumbed to cardiac arrest on August 4.

Iyong auditor ay inatake noon pang August 4.

However the incomplete COA report was leaked 10 days later the COA auditor died.

Pinalabas iyong incomplete COA report ng August 14 lang.

The following day, President Duterte appealed to COA to stop flagging government agencies.

Nanawagan si Pangulong Duterete sa issue ng flagging August 15.

Sonza can’t help but accuse the local media of deliberate misinformation which he said is simply wrong.

This is simply a wrong and deliberate misinformation which originated from ABS-CBN last night or 14 days after the heart attack.

Netizens took to the comment section to share their opinion on Sonza’s accusation versus our local media.

They are doin everything they can to destroy PRRD AND his administration….Expect for the worst as election time comes near…We have to be on guard….Grabe ang network na ito…. at ang mga kagaya nila!!!! remarked a netizen.

Ang media talaga sa Pilipinas ay bayaran ng mga oligarch kc. Ganyang ganyan ang ginawa nila noon kay FM siraan sa tao gamit ang media pra pabagsakin . Salamat at may socmed na ngaun hindi na nila kayang linlangin ang mga tao, commented another.

This netizen said he is not surprise of ABS-CBN’s behavior. Ano p ine-expect nyo sa saradong kumpanya? Eh d bumawi at maghiganti db? Lhat nlng issue sa ABIAS-CBEND n yan. Utos n yan syempre ng mga “DISENTE KUNO”. Sus, style nyo “KATOL” nangangamoy bulok n istasyon.

No wonder ABS-CBN was “shutdown” for political meddling.

Kaya nasarado yang abias-cbn kc nkksali sa politika, alams na style ng oligarkiya, to protect their business na di ngbbayad ng eksaktong buwis🧐


Source: Jay Sonza

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