Jay Sonza says ABS-CBN owners, management to blame on shutdown, not Duterte, NTC or OSG

In the wake of ABS-CBN’s shutdown, its supporters are on a rampage in socmed, telling everyone gullible enough to believe that President Duterte is to blame for its disappearance from PH airwaves.

Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza isn’t the type who will take this seating down and immediately went on to work to debunk the assertion of the Kapamilya supporters.

In a Facebook post, Sonza said if there was to blame for ABS-CBN’s closure, it was none other than ABS-CBN for their arrogance and overconfidence that doomed the network.

Sonza informed the misinformed critics that as early as 2014, ABS-CBN applied for an extension in Congress. “The Lopez Family owned network first sought Congress for an extension of their franchise for another 25 years in 2014.”

“They had all the chances, but…,” Sonza remarked. “Bakit hindi na-renew or na-extend ang prangkisa ng ABS CBN?” Sonza asked.

Sonza alleged ABS-CBN wanted to pull a fast one against Congress and the government in general. “The answer is simple. They wanted to legitimized their violations of their franchise by inserting new provisions in the existing one.”

Unfortunately for ABS-CBN, a group of cable operators made a strong stand and exposed the network’s sleight of the hand move. This ABS-CBN move also got the attention of some lawmakers.

“This was strongly opposed by a cable franchise holders’ organization whose business was affected by the incursion of abs cbn. Nasilip din ito ng mga batikang mambabatas.”

Sonza bared that the owners and the top management of the Kapamilya network refused to cooperate with Congress. “On top of this, the owners and management of the network, refused to submit certain documents required by Congress.”

The showdown with Congress wore down the patience of ABS-CBN owners and management, causing them to withdraw their franchise extension request. “Eventually, ABS CBN withdrew their application for extension. Ang kumpanya mismo ang NAG-ATRAS ng kanilang kahilingang mabigyan ng dagdag na 25 taon para magpatuloy ang kanilang negosyo sa broadcasting on free to air.”

“Noong 2016 ay nagpalit ng administrasyon at Bagong Kongreso,” Sonza stated.

That year, ABS-CBN refiled the request for franchise renewal in Congress. “Humiling ng renewal of franchise ang Network by RE-FILING the same 2014 questionable and withdrawn request for extension.”

To ABS-CBN’s dismay, the same lawmakers who strongly opposed its request for a new franchise in 2014 were still around and refused to cooperate after noting the same loopholes in 2014 were still present in 2016.

“As expected, the previous (2014) oppositors strongly manifested their objections to the application for extension. Some veteran Solons observed the same loopholes.”

Once again, the same lawmakers asked ABS-CBN to submit the same sets of requirements in 2014 from the network but to no avail. In addition, the network failed to give satisfactory answer to accusations of the objectors.

“Muli, hiningi ng Kongreso ang mga dokumento at datus sa ABS CBN. At the same time, the network failed to debunk the accusations of the oppositors. Isa ito sa mga dahilan kung Bakit hindi umusad ang renewal ng prangkisa.”

Sonza remarked that ABS-CBN’s fate was sealed by the complaints of illegally dismissed employees, Quo Warranto and the pandemic.

“Hanggang sa dumating ang mga reklamo ng mga pinagtatanggal na empleyado, Ang Quo Warranto Petition at Corona Virus Pandemic.”

In other words, ABS-CBN’s fate was decided by the expiration of its franchise. “Sa madaling salita, inabutan ng pagkapaso o pagkawalangbisa ang prangkisa ng abs cbn.”

Sonza wrapped up the FB post by concluding that there is no one to blame but the owners and management of the Kapamilya network.

He urged the public, especially Kapamilya supporters not to blame Congress, NTC, Duterte and OSG.

“Walang ibang may kasalanan o dapat sisihin dito kundi ang mga may-ari at management ng Kapamilya Network.

Blame not Congress. Not NTC. Not the president. Not OSG.”

“Blame ABS CBN dahil gustong makaisa, dahil ayaw sumunod sa alituntunin, dahil ayaw sumagot sa paratang, dahil mayabang at sumobra ang kampante.”

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Source: Jay Sonza

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