Jay Sonza says BBM was correct in skipping KBP debate, Karen Davila is 2nd rate host presenter with poor comprehension on any and all subjects?

On BBM skipping the KBP (Kapisanan ng mga Broadcaster ng Pilipinas) organized debate, retired broadcaster Jay Sonza said he cannot blame him or any candidate for that matter and cited 4 reasons to justify why he agrees with BBM not showing up in the said debate.

Of the 4 reasons cited by Sonza, 2 in my opinion stands out.

First, Sonza thinks KBP has new questions to raise from the presidential aspirants not covered yet by more than 10 hours of grilling by the top broadcasters of different media personalities in the country.

Second, Davila is bad choice of the KBP as presenter because she is known as the attack dog of the Lopezes and a second rate TV hostess.

Can’t blame some candidates (BBM begs off) for skipping the KBP organized debate on account of the following:

1. What more questions can be asked of them that have not been raised and answered in the more than 10 hours of grilling by the top broadcasters of MBC-DZRH and Manila Times; DWIZ, CNN and Cabangon-Chua Media group of companies and CNN Philippines; SMNI News; Boy Abunda Talk of ABS-CBN and Jessica Soho of GMA7.

2. KBP’s choice of presenters is a turn off for many. Karen Davila is known by the industry as a second-rate hostess with a very poor comprehension on any and all subjects. She is also known to be an attack dog of the Lopez business empire and their sponsored presidential bet.

3. Can’t say the same of Rico Hizon, other than his expertise is limited to business but his line of questioning is perceived to be bended on the US imperialist interests.

4. BUT, I would love to see the reunion of the Karen-Rico duo. They were a couple of young neophyte once at the old GMA Studio compound, along the 11th Jamboree Street, Diliman, QC. They went separate ways, Hizon walk thru the BBC & MSNBC roads and Davila went up Kapamilya stairs.


Source: Jay Sonza

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