Jay Sonza says he was relieved 4 presidential aspirants snubbed SMNI debate because they saved themselves from public humiliation

Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza has nothing but nice words for SMNI News, the presenter and panel members of SMNI presidential debate and everyone involved, including of course the 4 gentlemen who accepted the invitation to make the event a very successful one.

Sonza did not end the FB post without taking a jab at the 4 other candidates, saying he was relieved because the absent-minded candidate, dumb, pretending to be good and the last one who have superficial understanding in governance managed to spare themselves the public humiliation by skipping the SMNI presidential debate.

Here are some of the comments from netizens.

True! Lol!I really wondered why Sec. Gonzales, Ptr. Abella and Ka Leody weren’t invited with previous debates and interviews for Presidentiables. They are sensible (though, I dis-agree with Ka Leody sometimes), but malalaman mong may alam sila sa mga topic sa pamamahala ng bansa.It was a great and intellectual, highly commendable programmed debate.Nursery yung kay Jessica Soho compared to this.

They were condescending towards SMNI. Yet in the end, it set the bar high on how a presidential debate ought to be conducted. No frills, unexpected questions, no ad hominems. Just pure issues and questions on specific programs of government… No motherhood statements and assertions. Kudos too to Prof Clarita Carlos and the rest of the panelists.

First ever na may quality ang debate na eto..hindi pang cute o pag showbiz ang debate..infer dun sa tatlo mas may sense pa sila kesa dun sa 4 na nd nagpunta .congrats..smni..high quality debate..

You may now read Sonza’s original FB post below.


Una sa presenter at panel members ng SMNI presidential debate; sa event organizers, technical and production teams ng network for bringing it live on free television.

Kina candidates labor leader Leody De Guzman, former national security adviser Norberto Gonzales, former senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. at former press secretary Ernie Abella.

Naging disente, magalang, mataas ang antas ng talakayan, matino at matalino ang mga usapan, lalo sa usaping ng ugnayang panlabas, national defense against foreign invasion, agriculture & fisheries at internal security against terrorism and rebellion.

General Impression:


Naiwasang mapahiya ang mga lutang, mahina ang utak, nagkukunwaring magaling, at mababaw ang aruk sa batis ng pamamahala sa gobyerno.


Source: Jay Sonza

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