Jay Sonza says Leni Robredo cannot stand another 6 years of a Duterte brand of leadership in the Philippines

Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza is doing what he does best, to trigger the Duterte critics on Facebook and Twitter.

This morning, Sonza feigned empathy for the critics of the administration because as he said, no matter how hard they try, throw every black propaganda in their playbook at Duterte, the Duterte administration continues to stay strong and even thriving.

“Lubha talagang napakahirap isipin na kahit anong paninira ang gawin sa Duterte Administration ay patuloy sa pagiging matatag ang pamunuan.”

Sonza responded to Leni Robredo’s statement that the country cannot survive another 6 years of Duterte brand of leadership by agreeing with the VP. “Leni, you sure cannot stand another 6 years of a Duterte brand of leadership in the Philippines.”

Sonza went on to justify his assertions by enumerating a litany of Duterte’s achievements, to think the President achieved this in a time of pandemic and towards the last stretch of his term.

Imagine this in a time of pandemic and towards the end of Mr. Duterte’s presidency.

* a surge in the economic growth rate, despite the discovery of delta variant of the sars-cov-2 or covid19 by 11.9%

* millions upon millions of anti-covid vaccines dosages are arriving week after week.

* young kids and teens can be vaccinated by september or october this year, thus giving the communities more fighting chances againt the virus.

* and then there this report from central bank a big size foreign direct investment for a single month alone.

“WOW!!!” Sonza could only uttered this word to express his emotion.

As of this writing, Sonza’s post has generated 1,742 reactions, 35 comments and 145 shares in just 1 hour and growing very fast.

Netizens respond by showing Duterte with praises and compliments.

“Those investments are proof of business confidence that the Philippines will surge after this pandemic. A show of confidence in the leadership,” wrote the first commenter.

“PRRD has integrity that foreign investors believe in him and the Philippine economy. I am so PROUD of our government and our cabinet..and proud of the people👏👏👏 commented another.

This netizen can only hope the Opposition to realize that resistance is futile and just work with the administration for the common good. “I just hope opposition look beyond beyond politics and just work with the current admin for the common good of the PhilippinesLet’s face it this admistration has done a lotYou admit it or deny this government is a fully functional one with good intention for allHistory will look back and hopefully you (opposition ) will not be harshly criticised because we could have done a lot better without you(Anti government . Yellows) pulling everybody down


Source: Jay Sonza

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