Jay Sonza slams Amnesty International for “template” remark, educates human rights group on realities on the ground!

Social media are keeping a close watch at Amnesty International and Malacanang spokesman Salvador Panelo after both parties exchanged harsh words over alleged human rights violations of Duterte admin.

In case you missed it, Panelo called Amnesty International “incorrigible” for insisting on a United Nations probe of the drug war killings, saying the basis for its call for an international investigation was factually wrong. [PDI]

Amnesty International responded in kind via its PH counterpart, Butch Alano and quote:

“The government’s response was a template for countering opposition to abuses in the war on drugs.”

“We suggest next time before the honorable presidential spokesperson makes a response, he should at least do his homework first by reading our report.” [PDI]

Now enter retired broadcaster Jay Sonza in the picture and you can expect verbal fireworks to light up social media.

In a Facebook post, a furious Jay Sonza came out swinging at Amnesty International for accusing Malacanang Spokesman Sol Panelo of using a template when responding to allegations of EJK versus the Duterte administration.

Sonza remarked it is high time we educate Amnesty International with realities in the ground.

But before that, an irate Sonza asked what template the brazen AI was talking about?

In case you were wondering why Sonza was using mainly Tagalog as his language when writing the FB post, perhaps Sonza wished to address his FB post to the local counterpart of Amnesty International Mr, Butch Olano who made the “template” remark versus Panelo.

You may read Jay Sonza’s full FB post below.

let us educate this amnesty international with realities on the ground.

Anong template ang pinagsasabi nitong kupal na AI?

1. Kapag hinuli ang drug suspect, 2 ang dapat gawin. sumuko o manlaban.
2. Kapag hindi sumuko at nanlaban, dalawa lang maaring mangyari, makapatay siya o siya ang mapatay.

3. Kapag nakapatay siya, kawawa ang pamilya ng napatay. kapag siya ang napatay, ginusto niya iyon.
4. iyong kusang loob na nagsurender at nagbago buhay lahat.
5. iyong nagsurender lang, pero bumalik sa dating gawi at naglaban, tiyak makakapatay o mapapatay din.
6. milyon ang nagsurender at buhay lahat. daang libo ang nahuli at hindi naglaban, buhay din lahat at nakakulong.

Anong EJK Template ang pinagsasabi ng ungas at kupal na Amnesty International?

Huwag kami.
* thanks nelson abesamis for the input.

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