Jay Sonza slams Senator Cynthia Villar for nixing aid to middle class families affected by ECQ

Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza slammed Senator Cynthia Villar because of the senator’s stance with regards to extending aid to the middle class.

If you read the meme below, Villar said that extending aid to the middle class is unacceptable. The figures are quite high for her standard. The poor are being deprived.

Villar asked why the government extends aid to the middle class when they have jobs? Even during lockdown, the middle class continues to receive their salary, especially those employed by the government. When talking about the private sector, Villar said, their employees continue to enjoy the same privilege like their counterpart in the government sector. That is why Villar said, companies are struggling because they have to pay salaries even if there is no business.

Moving forward, Sonza described the senator “tanga-tanga” or stupid for saying the middle class have jobs hence they are undeserving of aid from the government.

Sonza said the middle class are the ones badly hit by the quarantine because they cannot go to work. They are the honest taxpayers because their taxes are automatically deducted from their salaries.

Sonza went on to take a swipe at Villar as the lawmaker who belittled the nurses in the past and the one who passed a bill that allows the free entry of rice in the country, who is now kill*ng the farmers.

And also the lawmaker who converted farmlands into subdivisions and malls?

You may read Jay Sonza’s original FB post below.

Dumale na naman si Sen. Cynthia Villar. ayaw ipasama ang middle class sa tulong ng gobyerno.

Ang tanga-tanga lang talaga ng babaing ito. Sabi niya kasi may mga trabaho ang middle class.

Sila nga ang hindi nakakapasok sa trabaho dahil may Quarantine. Sila Nga ang honest taxpayer dahil sa ayaw at gusto nila nakakaltas na ang Buwis sa suweldo nila.

Hindi ba ito rin iyong mambabatas na nanlait noon sa mga nurses at nagpasa sa bukas na pagpasok ng bigas na siyang pumapatay sa mga magbubukid.

Siya rin ba ang mambabatas na ginagawang subdivision at mall ang mga lupang sakahan?

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Source: Jay Sonza

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