Jay Sonza sums up Duterte Principle on foreign relations in two words “Tapang at Malasakit”

Tapang at Malasakit. The “Duterte Principle” on foreign relations

This is how retired broadcaster Jay Sonza summed up President Duterte’s foreign relation policy in his latest FB post.

Sonza said that being friends is more beneficial than the opposite, especially at a time like this that challenges the life of each and every Filipino.

“Mas malaki ang pakinabang ng pakikipagkaibigan kaysa pakikibagbangayan, lalo na sa panahong ito na mapaghamon sa buhay ng bawat isang Pilipino.”

Sonza lamented this is something critics of the President do not get. Why? Because whatever does not suit them is bad.

“Ito ang hindi lubos na naiintindihan at nauunawaan ng mga mababaw na anti-duterte and political opposition. What does not suit them or their agenda is bad, inappropriate, unpresidential, unpatriotic or what have you.”

In addition, this is how far their narrow mind and mentality can reach, Sonza noted. For example, befriending China – critics accuse Duterte of selling our sovereignty to the Chinese etc., befriending the Russians – not surprised because they are both dictators.

“Kasi hanggang doon lang ang kayang abutin ng kanilang makitid na pang-unawa at kaisipan. Pakikipagkaibigan sa China – ang tawag nila binenta na sa Tsino ang aking kasarinlan. Pakikipagmabutihan sa Amerika, tuta si presidente ng mga Amerikano.”

“Pakikipagkaibigan sa Russia – ganyan talaga si Duterte kasi pareho niyang diktador si Putin. Nakipag-ayos sa Japan – binaon na tayo sa utang ni Duterte. Nakipagmabutihan sa Israel – kasi katulad niya si Nethanyaho na human rights violator.”

“But what do we really gain from these new foreign policy directions of Mr. Duterte?” Sonza asked. “Silipin nga natin,” he urged netizens to have a look what do we get from “Duterte’s principle” on foreign relations.

With China? Sonza said our good relations with China earned us a steady supply of Chinese covid vaccines. The Philippines also benefited from Chinese loans. Not only that, the Chinese are buying our agricultural products. And more importantly, our fishermen can fish again in our traditional fishing grounds.

1. With China: A steady supply of Covid19 vaccine such as Sinovac and Sinopharm. Donation and Funding for economic infrastructures of the Philippines. Increase in our agricultural product export. And most important is the improved situation in the South China Seas where our fisherfolks are now free to enter traditional fishing grounds.

With US? Access to US-made vaccines and increased military cooperation and purchase modern armaments for the PNP and AFP plus donations of latest armaments and ammunitions.

2. With the USA: Access to supply of premium Covid19 vaccine such as Astra-Zenica, Pfizer-Biontech, Moderna and Jansen. Strengthening our external defense capabilities by way of training and purchase of modern defense equipment.

With Japan? Grants and soft loans that made BBB projects possible.

3. With Japan: Grants and soft loans to fund our big ticket projects under the BBB program of the government, including but not limited to Metro Subway, PNR Manila-Malolos-Clark Project.

“The list of benefits from the “Duterte Principle” on foreign or international relations can go on and on. With Israel, with Jordan, with Kuwait, with the United Arab Emirates, with Qatar, with Turkey, with India etc.,” Sonza remarked.

Sonza said that this is all clear to the public that all are the fruits of our good relations with these foreign countries.

“Maliwanag sa mamamayan ang bunga ng magandang ugnayan natin sa mga bansang nabanggit. From OFW deployment to opening of our trading partnership, to acquisition of modern defense resources.”

Sonza remarked that only the loser Dilaws and the Reds are complaining because they can accept the fact the “promdi” President are better than them.

“Bukod tanging ang mga talunang Dilaw at Pula ang nagngangawa dahil hindi matanggap na mas magaling sa kanila ang isang probinsiyanong hindi sosyal, maginoo pero medyo bastos at higit sa lahat tapat at totoo sa tungkulin.”

Netizens jumped into the comment section to express their opinion on Sonza’s post regarding the brilliance of President Duterte’s foreign policy thrust.

“I like it Sir Jay, maginoo pero medyo bastos… 😉😉😉Driving rough but were riding smoothly 😘😘😘 ingon ana si Mayor Rody Duterte…”commented a netizen.

“Well said Senor Jay. Digong is a class above the rest of the Stupid Greedy Yellow and Red Idiots,” said another.

“That’s how they interpret things with PRRD because they are not at par with PRRD when it comes to International and Foreign Relationships and Politics,” remarked another netizen.


Source: Jay Sonza

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