Jay Sonza to Enchong Dee, Agot Isidro: “Hihanda na ninyo ang inyong mga sarili sa mga paparating na kaso at buwelta ng pamilya”

An apparently irate Jay Sonza took to Facebook to defend the lawmaker from Davao whose wedding was the subject of what he called uncalled and unfounded comments from showbiz personalities.

They are either stupid or ignoramus. This refers to the uncalled and unfounded comments of showbiz personalities on the wedding of Rep. Dendee Bautista.

Sonza said that if Ogie Diaz, Agot Isidro and the likes were not dumb and stupid, they would not have made such remarks criticizing the lavish wedding of Rep. Bautista and made innuendo she used party-list funds for her wedding.

Kung hindi ba naman tanga at kalahati itong sina Ogie Diaz, Agot Isidro, at kung sino pang mga nagmamagaling na artista na nagpasaring na iyong partylist representative ng isang driver organization ay masyadong bongga ika ang kasal at baka ika ginamit pa ang pondo ng kanyang partylist sa kasalan.

Sonza said something that should make these showbiz personalities regret making such remarks against someone they don’t really know that much.

Hindi ako magtataka kung kaso ang aabutin ng mga ito sa malapit na hinaharap. Because I dont think the Bautista Family of Davao Occidental will simply roll and die after those nasty comments from these talkers of the Katol Network.

Sonza went on to give netizens an idea of the family of the party-list representative the said showbiz peeps just accused of using public funds for her wedding.

Para sa kabatiran ng lahat, Rep. Bautista’s family in the south are not just rich, they are very very rich. The mother of Ms. Dendee is the daughter of Don Enying Deriquito of Hagonoy, Davao del Sur, probably the richest man in this part of South Davao. The father of the lady solon is the governor of Davao Occidental, an haciendero and owner of several businesses in the south.

Sonza refused to elaborate on the wealth of the 2 families but he was very sure they can afford a grand wedding.

I will not elaborate on the wealth of these 2 families. They are super rich and can very well afford a grand wedding. They too are family of well educated people (lawyers, educators, economists, corporate executives).

Sonza quipped that perhaps Enchong Dee thought the nemesis of ABS-CBN franchise renewal was to be taken lightly hence he made such libelous comment.

Akala siguro nina Enchong Dee na ganoon ganoon lang itong nemesis ng ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation franchise renewal kaya napakalibelous pa naging comment ng bruha.

Sonza ended the FB post by warning the showbiz personalities to prepare themselves a lawyer and the retaliation of the family.

Hihanda na ninyo ang inyong mga sarili sa mga paparating na kaso at buwelta ng pamilya.

As of this writing. Sonza’s post has generated 3,367 reactions, 33 comments and 168 shares in 6 hours and counting.


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