Jay Sonza to netizens: OK. Let’s not call them stupid, call them IDIOTS instead of STUPID!

After his vigorous defense of Lt. Gen. Parlade from the angry senators amid his word war with some senators, the retired broadcaster Jay Sonza suddenly has a changed of heart.

“OK. Let’s not call them stupid,” Sonza wrote on Facebook.

The retired broadcaster agrees that calling them stupid is indeed disrespectful.

“That would be disrespectful to these Narcissists in the upper chamber, who thinks they are God’s gift to mankind.”

Sonza thinks he found more appropriate words to describe them.

“Let’s simply call their actions as Idiotic and moronic.”

Sonza thinks the senators deserved to be called with such adjectives because they want to deny the budget to the agency that has been doing well, effective in the fight against communist insurgency.

“Gusto nilang alisan ng pondo ang NTF-ACLAC dahil sa matagumpay na kampanya laban sa 50-year Communist-Terrorist Pandemic sa Pilipinas.”

Sonza runs to the defense of Parlade, saying it was the threat of defunding which the General called ‘stupid’.

“Ang dahilan, tinawag ng ilang opisyal ng NTF na ang balaking alisan ng pondo ang ECLAC ay isang malaking katangahan.”

“Hindi ang mga senator ang tinaguriang STUPID, kundi iyong hakbang na isinusulong ng mga Ungas. Na siyang tunay,” Sonza explained.

Sonza says the funding is contained in the law.

“The funding is contained in the law which they passed and approved by the president.”

Sonza wraps up the post by sending his regards to the senators. Lol

“Me, as a taxpayer and electorate in a once NPA-infested town would want to call them IDIOTS instead of STUPID!”



OK. Let's not call them stupid. That would be disrespectful to these Narcissists in the upper chamber, who thinks…

Posted by Jay Sonza on Monday, April 26, 2021

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