Jay Sonza’s FB post re Leni Robredo’s birthday video message to Kim Chiu draws laughter from netizens

Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza’s FB followers erupted in laughter after his latest FB post asking for update with regards to Kim Chiu in reaction to Leni Robredo’s birthday video message circulates online.

Sonza told his followers that he was talking about the artist of Katol Network who sang “Bawal Lumabas” in an out-of-tune fashion.

Sonza said he was asking for an update regarding Ms. Chiu after he read somewhere the birthday greetings of Leni Robredo and read: Happy birthday Kim Chiu, magkasunod lang pala ang birthday natin. “I know your are in good place now.”

Sonza explained he was kind of worried because the phrase (English) used by Leni suggested someone passed away or died.

Sonza said in jest. he was not informed regarding Ms. Chiu.

Sonza added that that last time he heard of Ms. Chiu, she conducted a charity work to commemorate her birthday.

Sonza ended the brief FB post saying he hope Ms. Chiu is well.

ICYMI, a video of Leni Robredo greeting Kim Chiu on her birthday has gone viral recently.

In the video, Leni Robredo was doing fine and saying the right words until towards the end of the 59-second video.

You may now read Jay Sonza’s FB post below.

Unsa man diay ang nahitabo kang Kim Chiu?

Kadtong artista ba sa Katol Network nga mikanta og “Bawal Lumabas” nga pinayabag ba.”

Nabasahan man gud ko ang greetings ni BP Leni Robredo nga nagkanayon: Happy birthday Kim Chiu, magkasunod lang pala ang birthday natin. “I know your are in good place now.”

Kasagaran man gud gamiton na siya nga greetings o phrase sa pagpahinumdum sa minatay o namatayan ba, ing ana.

Parang hindi ako na-inform ha.

Kasi ang alam ko ay nag-charity work pa si Kim bilang paberdey.

I hope Kim Chiu is well. Simbako!

As of this writing, Sonza’s FB post has gathered 8,400 reactions, 7,400 of which are laugh emojis.

UPDATE: Was Jay Sonza correct?

Well, according to Mela Franco Habijan, Directress at Gentle Angels School and an Ateneo de Manila alumna, Sonza should be ashamed of himself because Leni Robredo’s use of the phrase “You are in a good place now” while greeting Kim Chiu on her birthday because the VP was correct.

You may read Habijan’s original FB post here.

This is also echoed by another pro-Duterte and former rebel named Joy Saguino in his latest FB post.


Source: Jay Sonza

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