Jay Sonza’s “it is your time to shine” message to Speaker Lord Allan Jay Velasco gains support from netizens

In light of the testimonies of former NPA cadres against the Makabayan Bloc, retired broadcaster Jay Sonza took to Facebook urging HS Lord Velasco, in a nice manner, to evict the party-list representatives from the said bloc.

Sonza lamented that Congress spend this much for some people who turned out to be harboring a hidden plan to bring down the very government that feeds them.

“Congress spend over P1.2 Billion (taxpayers money) for some people whose ultimate objective is to overthrow our very own Philippine government.”

Without hesitation, Sonza coaxed House Speaker Lord Allan Jay Velasco to start cleansing the house.

“It is your time to shine. Cleansing is what is needed in the house.”

Sonza reasoned that the preponderance of testimonies of former CPP-NPA-NDF cadres are simply staggering to ignore.

“The preponderance of testimonies of CPP-NDF-NPA cadres are simply overwhelming, identifying these people as enemy of the state.”

Otherwise, Sonza solicited the opinion of netizens if they agree what he has in mind for Velasco and the Makabayan bloc party-list representatives.

“Or isn’t it about time we kick Velasco and these SOBs & throw them in the nearby Payatas dumpsite.”

One netizen concurred with Sonza’s sentiment and commented.“A big YES, kick these reds out including The speaker!”

Meanwhile, this netizen doubted Speaker Velasco has the balls to act on Sonza’s request. “I highly doubt Velasco has the balls to confront these NPA followers”

This netizen seemed to lean towards Sonza’s suggestion. “Putang inang mga to… Hoy Velasco… Pakitaan mo namin kami, atat na atat ka maging Speaker di ba? Prove us your worth now or isang putang ina ka rin if you will do nothing with this allegations against this fucking stupid CPP-NPA-NDF people who is openly destroying our own motherland and our children’s future, either directly or indirectly.”

However, this netizen proved to us that in a crowd of people debating on explosive topic, there are those who still believe in allowing reason to prevail. “It’s not speaker nor president’s job to prosecute these official, go to court to file cases.”

As of this writing, Sonza’s FB post has elicited 4,700+ reactions, 1,264 shares and 500+ comments and counting.


Source: Jay Sonza

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