Jay Sonza’s mocks PMAAA’s declaration of Erwin Tulfo as persona non grata

Did you hear the news? PMAAAI declared Erwin Tulfo persona non grata.

The news did not make a lot of Tulfo supporters very happy. That was expected.

Same goes with the reaction of retired broadcaster and TV personality Jay Sonza.

In a Facebook post, Sonza expressed his disappointment of the PMAAA’s decision to hand Erwin Tulfo with such punishment.

On this note, a confused Sonza wanted the PMAAAI to state the specifics of the ban. Where it applies? In the Baguio compound of the PMA? In military camps? Because as far as Sonza is concerned, the PMAAAI do not own these properties but the government.

Sonza told PMAAAI that you declare a persona no grata against someone to prevent him or her from setting foot in a certain locality or country.

At this point, Sonza couldn’t help but insult the intelligence of Bautista’s mistahs who issued the declaration of Erwin Tulfo as persona non grata.

Otherwise, the PMAAAI thinks its cute to declare Erwin Tulfo persona non grata without the benefit of consulting the meaning of the word or perhaps by using the word, they will like wokes to the public.

Sonza concluded the post exclaiming what air does when it goes to the people’s head, using the analogy of the fly and the carabao to explain PMAAAI’s behavior.

You may start reading Jay Sonza’ full FB post below.

PMA Alumni Association declares Erwin Tulfo persona non grata. Kailan pa nakapagmay-ari o nakabili ng sitio, o barrio, o bayan o lungsod o probinsiya o bansa ang mga Cavaliers?

You declare a persona non grata against someone to prevent him from setting foot in a certain locality or country.

In the case of pmaai, saan nyo pagbabawalan si Tulfo na umapak? sa Baguio compound ng PMA? sa mga military camps? Hindi ninyo pagmamay-ari and mga Iyan.

so, saan? Saang utak sa talampakan hinugot ng mga mistah ni Bote ang deklarasyon ng persona non grata?

O, sadyang hindi nila alam ang tunay na kahulugan ng salita at nagpapa cute lang, para may masabing akala nila ay woke (class at may pinag-aralan) na sila? Hay naku.

Ang hangin nga naman sa ulo ng tao. Nakatungtong lang sa likod ng kalabaw…..

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