Jay Sonza’s reaction to Noli de Castro’s interview with Hidilyn Diaz: “What a stupid statement coming from a ex-vp”

Anong nangyari sa iyo Emannuel?” a shocked retired broadcaster Jay Sonza to Noli De Castro after watching the short clip of his interview with Hidilyn Diaz on live TV.

In case you missed it, Kabayan Noli interviewed Hidilyn Diza and in that interview, Kabayan asked Hidilyn if it did cross her mind that his Chinese coach will not train her properly because of the so-called political dynamics between China and the Philippines.

As expected, Diaz defended the Chinese coach and told de Castro that his fears versus the Chinese coach is baseless because she knows the Chinese coach core values, describing him as a genuine person. In fact, the Chinese weightlifting team was mad at her Chinese coach for not telling them how strong Hidilyn was when she competed in the Tokyo Oympics.

Moving forward, an apparently shocked Sonza peppered de Castro with a barrage of questions to understand why he asked those type of questions, sowing intrigue between Hidilyn and her Chinese coach.

“Bakit ka nagpapahalatang mahina ang kukute mo kabayan?

“Why raise a stupid and irrelevant question?

Wow, a former vice president doing this?

How low can this broadcaster can get?”

What a stupid statement coming from a ex-vp.” Sonza remarked.

Sonza said that “Politics has no place in sports.”

* this is part (excerpt) of teleradyo/tv patrol interview with hidilyn diaz after she bagged the gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics.

One netizen commented to say she hoped it was fake news knowing that Kabayan just lost his wife.

“I sure hope that this is fake news given that he just lost his wife.”

To which Sonza replied: “this is an excerpt from his interview with hidilyn immediately after shed won the gold”

Another netizen dived in defending Sonza’s post from suspicion it was fake news: “Not fake news. I watched it. He even repeatedly asked kung wala support ang PSC kay Hidlyn.. kahit ilan beses na cnagot ni hidlyn ang question na full support ang govt sa kanya.. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

“This is so wrong on many levels. He should’ve known that this will put Hidilyn in a very awkward position. Do we do that to someone who won our first Olympic gold as in ever? Pero ABS yan so walang ethics tlga,” said another.

“Fortunately, the level of thinking of hidilyn’s coach is not same as yours kabayan,” a relieved netizen chimed in.

You may watch the video below.


Source: Jay Sonza

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