Jay Sonza’s response to Caloocan Bishop’s ‘very sick man’ remark: ‘The president is so sick and tired of sick in the head people like you.’

On Friday November 2, Caloocan Bishop Pablo Virgilio David urged the faithful to pray for President Rodrigo Duterte whom he described as a “very sick man”.

“I think it should obvious to people by now that our country is being led by a very sick man. We pray for him. We pray for our country.”

David’s statement came after President Duterte poked fun at All Saints Day celebration of the Catholics.

President Duterte even joked that the Catholic church should make him a patron saint instead of observing the holiday.

The Bishop’s remark was quickly picked up by the different daily and online newspapers including the Philippine Star.

As of this writing, no comment yet from Malacanang in response to Bishop David calling PRRD a “very sick man.”

In the meantime, Duterte supporters including retired radio and TV broadcaster Jay Sonza has taken the cudgel for PRRD and defended the President from the unflattering remark from the Caloocan Bishop on Facebook.

Sonza said that President Duterte is really very sick in the head because of people like the Bishop who continue to meddle the government despite the principle of the separation of the church and the state.

Sonza then took a swipe at Bishop David by reminding him to get involved in the internal issues of the church rather than problems of the government.

Sonza remarked that he will make a lot of people happy should he heed his advice.

sabi ni catholic bishop david,
our country is being led by a sick man.

you are so correct sir.
tama po kayo bishop david.

the president is so sick and tired of sick in the head people like you.

nangingialam kayo sa gobyerno, gayong alam ninyo na may seperation of church and state.

ano kaya kung pakialaman nyo iyong mga obispo at paring sangkot sa ibat-ibang krimen, tulad ng murder, rape, sexual misconducts. illegal fishing at mining, at iba pa.

mas marami tiyak ang natutuwa sa inyo kapag nagawa nyo ito.

Judging by the positive response of the netizens on Sonza’s post, there is no doubt people agree with the retired broadcaster’s suggestion.

Rommel Lindeyn bishop David, open your eyes you and your fellow priest are the real sick.You cannot open your mouth when your fellow priests are involved in drugs,& sexual harassment .

Roselia Dizon Navarro Korek! He’s tired n sick in d head of people like you!, at marami po kyong ganyan na pilit nakikialam sa gobyerno!sabi nga ni Aga HINDI BA KYO NAPAPAGOD SNA TUMULONG NA LANG KYO! STOP,COLLABORATE N LISYEN!!!#

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