JERRY SPRINGER KA LANG NG PILIPINAS! — US-based Bicolano accountant to Raffy Tulfo


This is how US-based Bicolano accountant Edwin Jamora described Raffy Tulfo in his FB post in reaction to the latter who warned that the 2022 election is going to a battle between President Duterte’s 16M voters and his 20M+ social media subscribers.

Jamora asked Tulfo if he thinks the Duterte supporters are stupid like him? He said Raffy Tulfo is just being made to believe by his PR man that his 20-some million followers will deliver him an elective seat when the PR is just after his money.

At eto namang si Tulfo, anong akala mo samin?! Tanga na gaya mo? Binilog lang ng PR man mo ang ulo mo in thinking that your 20-some million followers will give you an elective seat, when ang habol lang noon ay ang pera mo! Tanga! Tse!

Jamora said Tulfo’s 20-some million followers could be a collection of bored people and bystanders looking for entertainment but does not see him as a future leaders.

Your 20-some million followers could be kuladidangs on a lookout baka yong tunay na wife eh biglang mag-appear sa show mo, Overseas Pinoys, OFW’s based in their host countries who may not have registered and won’t be voting, or poreyngerms, or just plain bored people waiting for real-life drama pero does not see you as a future leader and the rest are ususeros!


Netizens commented to express their agreement with Edwin Jamora’s theory on why Raffy Tulfo has 20-some million followers.

I watch but not a subscriber. In short uchoserang frog lang ako. And kahit frog ako, i won’t vote for him. Asa?!?

Tama, just a bored overseas filipino na gustong makimaritess sa mga kabit chenes sa pinas, but not for tulfo para iboto lalo at nilait lait ang supporters ni fafa Digz! Pinakanta lang akala mo superstar na manlait, gago nga!

Sa 20million ma yung kalahati teenager na di pa botante pero chismosa sa mga kaguluhan ng mga vloggers na idol nila.

Proudy tambay lang sa tsismis walang mag ma mine kay Raffy.

Jerry Springer is an English-born American television-judge, broadcaster, journalist, actor, comedian, producer, and former lawyer and politician. [Wikipedia] He also hosted the show Judge Jerry.


Source: Edwin Jamora

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