Jillian Robredo shrugs off heckling incident in Baguio City Public Market, tells Kakampinks to focus on their campaign

Barely 2 weeks into the election, Jillian Robredo and company went to Benguet to campaign for her mother.

One of their itineraries was the Baguio City Public market. The campaign went smoothly, as shown in the video below.

Until this happened…

In the video, you can hear the old lady vendor telling Jillian Robredo’s group not to block the way because the place is a public market. In additon, the old lady said to Jillian Robredo’s group: “Huwag mo akong sungit sungitan ng ganyan! Dayuhan ka lang dito, mga Igorot kami!”

Checking out the tweet of Philstar, they called the incident Jillian Robredo in the Baguio City Public market a “heckling incident”.

As expected, Leni Robredo supporters ran to the defense of Jillian Robredo. A netizen who called himself an Igorot tweeted condemned his fellow Igorot for what he called unacceptable and reprehensible behavior.

Another netizen wrote that the old lady who shouted at Jillian Robredo in the Baguio City Public market does not represent all Igorots.


Source: Twitter

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