Jim Paredes eat humble pie after tweeting #SAF44 case reopening is diversionary tactics following Jee Ick Joo fiasco

Following the announcement of President Duterte to form a commission and look into the Mamasapano massacre that resulted in the deaths of 44 SAF troopers, Jim Paredes took to twitter to react by asking this:

Is Digong meeting Mamasapàno families so we forget the strangled Korean and Palpak Bato?

Jim Paredes tweet was shared on Facebook by the page Showbiz Government.

Facebook user Mark DC Lopez provides the netizens with the witty retort while completely embarrassing the retired singer, Jim Paredes.

No idiot. He is meeting them on the eve of the 2nd anniv of the event that your fave but coward prez incompetently handled.

The post on Facebook garnered more than 1,000 reactions from netizens.

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