Jim Paredes on confrontation in Edsa Shrine: It so satisfying to shut them up when in mattered

Apparently feeling the heat in the social media after he was caught on camera bullying a group of Duterte supporters, Jim Paredes speaks up on the issue.

The singer-songwriter wrote that he had an enjoyable confrontation with young Duterte supporter who crashed the EDSA rally. (Jim are saying that EDSA People Power 1 is the sole propriety of the Yellow cult?)

He said that the Duterte supporters were told to leave but but insisted on staying.

One of the organizers of the Edsa People Power 1 rally told the Duterte supporters that it’s their party and likened their presence like they were pissing on their food.

Paredes called the behavior of the DUterte supporters provocative and disrespectful.

Paredes admitted that the Duterte supporters have the right to stay there but he also have the right to engage them to a debate.

Based on the tone of Paredes’s voice, the singer-songwriter is clearly happy how one of the guys he confronted could not even look at him in the eye.

The other dude, Jim said, tried to shut him down by bringing up his Australian citizenship, which he called a troll propaganda.

Jim said that he pointed that out to the dude who brought up the citizenship issue whom he said could not give a coherent answer to his questions.

At one point, Jim remarked that those same people probably like reading troll comments that threatened him or his family death, or raped.

Jim proudly said that none of them could argue.

Jim said they tried but could only come up with troll comments,

In the end, Jim said he felt extremely happy for shutting them down when it mattered and face to face.

Jim’s tweet below.

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