Jim Paredes rants on Twitter for Eid’l Adha-Ninoy Day confusion, Ninoy’s cousin responds, slightly embarrassing Jim

On Twitter, Jim Paredes of the disbanded APO Hiking Society slammed the Duterte administration for declaring August 21 as a regular holiday for Eid’l Adha.

Paredes, a rabid supporter of the Liberal Party and the Aquinos, described the relegation of Ninoy Aquino Day playing second fiddle to Eid’l Adha as a brazen attempt to downplay the hero’s death anniversary.

Jim @Jimparedes Today Is Ninoy Aquino Day. Changing it to a Muslim Holiday which actually falls tomorrow is a brazen attempt to downplay the hero’s death anniversary.

Nothing can diminish what Ninoy has done for this country. #NeverForget

August 21 happens to be Ninoy Aquino Day commemorating the the death of the opposition leader at the tarmac of the Manila International Airport.

You can’t blame Jim Paredes because as early as January 2, the list of holidays for 2018 has already been circulating on social media.

Notice that Eid’l Adha was earlier announced it falls on August 22, not August 21 for the year 2018.

However, Jim Paredes could have been unaware that the Islamic world uses the lunar calendar and not the Gregorian calendar.

Meanwhile, Ninoy Aquino’s cousin, Yusuf Ledesma @yusufledesma tweeted telling Jim Paredes to respect the Muslims like him who support Ninoy.

Jim replied that in other Asean countries, Eid’l Adha is celebrated today, August 22.

Yusuf Ledesma@yusufledesma explained that Eid’l Adha varies in different countries and even a cause of disagreement among Muslims because it all boils down on the visual sighting of the moon.

At this juncture, Yusuf Ledesma @yusufledesma introduced himself to Jim as Ninoy’s cousin.

Jim‏ @Jimparedes replied he did not doubt his sincerity but insisted he found it strange that other Asean countries celebrate Eid’l Adha today.

Another netizen joined the conversation

JjGg Strike Gnalag @jasminegalang55 told Jim Paredes that Eid’l Adha is more important than the useless Ninoy Aquino Day.

Rey Delante @reydelante, an OFW based in the Middle East called Jim’s post an ignorant post.

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