Jocellyn Duterte responds to Winnie Monsod’s suggestion President’s mental health needs evaluation

Previously, GMA 7’s “Bawal ang Pasaway” TV host Winnie Monsod aka Mareng Winnie suggested that President Duterte’s mental health needs evaluation.

Jocellyn Duterte Villarica, the opinionated sister of President Duterte, took to Facebook to tell Monsod that implying President Duterte needs to see the shrink is the same as telling the 16 million Filipinos who voted for him to do the same too.

“One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”

I wonder what Ms. Monsod is thinking by suggesting that the President’s mental health needs evaluation?…or is she saying that the President is mentally incapacitated…in my opinion Madam, I think that the world we live in is one hell of a crazy world..

Look around you, you of the LP thinks that he is not fit for the presidency, because with your likes he is not academically at par in your judgement and estimation.
And yet he won the presidency….why is that?

Your kind looks upon yourself as far superior than the average, more talk than action. I used to listen to your interviews and programs, impressive but “hanggang dyan lang yun”.

If you really believe that you are good and superior, then run for senator or the presidency and show them what you got, lets see if the taong-masa could understand your academic blah blah blah! … Maybe you should learn the art of listening, so you will understand what the majority is trying to tell you.

There is only one person I know who everyone thought was crazy in everything he says and do….the late Senator Miriam Santiago, and yet people believe in her ability and capacity to serve our country. She prove her worth no matter what people say about her mental state.

May I suggest Madam that if you want to say anything to our President, may it be good or bad, say it with due respect in accordance to his position…

You of all people should set the example of due respect, for we are all entitled to our own opinion and your judgemental personal opinion that his “mental state of mind is flawed” is unbecoming from a person of your stature…
In doing so, you are also telling the pinoy in the same manner…that “sira ulo kami dahil binoto namin siya”.

Netizen Esphy Alquiza asks: “Bakit yong past Admin.. Mentally ill dn cya bakit d nyo pna evaluate.. Tinago pa nga yong Phychiatrist evaluation nya eh.. So..Who is more fitted to do the Leadership.. Is it Abnoy or Du30.. Don’t Fool us madam pasaway.. Ikaw kaya ang magpa mentally evaluate at baka ikaw ang nangangailangan.. Echos.. Matandang baliw!”

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