Jocellyn Roa Duterte asks Kris Aquino: “Kris…you sent the wrong message, were you asking for an interview or a date?”

Kris…you sent the wrong message, were you asking for an interview or a date?

This is the question asked by presidential sister Jocellyn Roa Duterte to Kris Aquino to clarify whether she is asking for a date or an interview with President Duterte.

The presidential sister’s curiosity was obviously intrigued when Kris Aquino told President Duterte on national TV to give her a chance and someday he will learn to love her. 

“President Duterte, please give me a chance. I hope one day mamahalin mo rin ako (one day you will also love me).”



The presidential sister have bad news for Kris Aquino, in case the actress is seriously entertaining the thoughts of stealing the presidential heart away from “Honeylet” Avanceña, President Duterte’s partner and companion.

I heard your video to the President ” pinaghandaan kita, at mamahalin mo rin ako”.  From your looks and the way you sound sexy, so very sweet and inviting!…hindi naman ganon c pres easy to get. No offense meant,purely my opinion!

Meanwhile, the presidential sis has something to say to Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales in light of the investigation on PNP Chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa.

Ms Morales…There are more important things to doing a good job than than investigating Bato, and suspending Villanueva for a measly 10 million, as compared to the trillions of Yolanda !!!

She ended the post by leaving her pet quote and read:

Dindong…History is not always the truth…there are three kinds of truth, yours, theirs and the truth!…

Ms. Jocellyn Duterte’s friends on Facebook praised her for speaking up but one netizen found nothing unusual with Kris Aquino’s joke on President Duterte.

Manuel Lumba wroteKris evidently was teasing, joking in public. in America, as you know, it’s worse. they have this thing called “roasting a guest”.

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