Jojo Robles scolds Agnes Callamard: Don’t you dare lecture me and judge me using your libertarian, Euro-American values

For disrespecting the Duterte administration by sneaking into the country and disregarding UN protocol, Callamard has been reaping the ire of netizens.

Worse, she claimed she is in the country for “academic purposes” but Duterte supporters including SocMed blogger Sass Rogando Sasot refused to believe her alibi. Check out what Sass says about Callamard’s visit in the country.

Kapal talaga ni Agnes Callamard. She’s on an academic visit daw.
That’s not an “academic visit.” She went to the Philippines to support a forum meant to discredit the gov’t. It’s not an academic mission if you deliver a speech to discredit the gov’t and participate in partisan political activity. We’re not dumb!

Watch the video of Callamard telling the Duterte government that the war on drugs does not work.

Indignant journalist Jojo Robles took to Facebook telling Callamard not to lecture and judge him using her libertarian, Euro-American values.

“How hard is this to understand?

1. If the law-breaking minority has human rights, so does the law-abiding majority.
2. You do not protect the human rights of the violent, unproductive few by trampling on the rights of the many to a peaceful, productive life.
3. The reason people do not believe you when you call for the protection of human rights is because you seem to have discovered that they are being violated ONLY NOW. It’s as if everyone who went before (especially that idiot who came and went immediately before) never violated them.

You can shove your human rights where the sun don’t shine. I’m tired of your whining.
I have a job to do and a family to feed and protect. I don’t break the law and I pay my taxes.
The state that I pay taxes to should protect my rights, as well. And I will support those who will help me continue living and working in peace and safety.

Don’t you dare lecture me and judge me using your libertarian, Euro-American values. This is my country. Your preaching rights here have long been revoked.”

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