Joma Sison getting $20K/month from Dutch commies? Former military official recommends filing diplomatic protest, demand Sison extradition

Former high ranking military official and rebel soldier Abe Purugganan wants the Duterte government to file a diplomatic protest against the Dutch government for undermining the Philippines?

Purugganan made the recommendation in light of the revelation of former Ambassador Bobi Tiglao on Facebook about the connection between Joma Sison of CPP-NPA and the Dutch Communist Party.

He asked if supporting Joma Sison and the CPP-NPA by the Dutch Communist Party isn’t interfering in our internal affairs?

if you’d ask Purugganan, he believed that Dutch government is undermining the Philippines in the guise of a political asylum for communists like Joma. Netherlands has become a staging area for NDF to destabilize government.

In short, the Dutch government are helping the communists overthrow our government.

Hence, our “government must a make diplomatic protest with the Dutch government and demand that Joma be arrested and turned over to the Philippine. government,” Purugganan stressed.

Read Bobi Tiglao’s post below to understand where Purugganan’s opinion is coming from.

“Sir Bobi,
I was a student in The Netherlands when Joma Sison arrived.
Back then he got $20,000/month
Gas allowance
A house
And an S class Benz
All paid for by the Dutch Communist Party.
I saw his house in Utrecht from the outside and his Benz.
He got it within a week after arriving.
He was all over the news.
1985 if I recall correctly.”

Netizen Nest Reyes leans towards Purugganan stance on the matter.

“If The Netherlands is Really A Neutral Country…They Shouldn’t Support JOMA Sison..”

Divina G. Conopio-Tubil remarked she understands now why Sison is so determined to poison the minds of our Filipino students.

“Kaya gayon na lang niyang lasunin ang isipan ng mga kabataan estudyante lalung-lalo na sa UP para forever ang support sa kanya para mabuhay ng marangya.😣”

Evelyn Casas expressed relief that one brave witness stepped forward.

“Now there’s one started as witness. Joma Sison and communism days are numbered coz I’m sure if this reaches to PRRD hunting wil be #latagized.”

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