Journalist defends self after netizens react to his post referencing some Duterte appointees “langaw”

After getting the flak from netizens sympathetic to President Duterte, journalist Arpee Lazaro responds to critics in a Facebook post.

So what did exactly Mr. Lazaro say that merited the attention of the netizens, especially the Duterte supporters? The answer lies in below.

Daming nagreact when I said “langaw na nakasabit kay duterte”. apparently many have missed the reference because many millenials have forgotten the expression, “ang langaw pag nakatuntong sa kalabaw, mataas pa sa kalabaw.”

Obviously the “langaw” i referred to were the new public officials who used to be based in Davao, friends or classmates of Duterte, who had absolutely no government experience and yet here they are, seated in some of the most plum positions in govt. Now they are in manila, heading government agencies they know nothing about. I mentioned “royalty” because many of these langaws were treated as such by their friends, neighbors and acquaintances in davao. and if you think about it, they are relatively obscure in manila govt circles that whatever royalty status they had, has turned into the opposite. a commoner, where no one knows them and they have to fall in line in the mall like everybody else.

but some unthinking netizens just took my words and made judgments against me (which really goes with the territory anyway), and has even turned it into a bisaya versus imperial manila kind of struggle.
bahala kayo if this is what gets your rocks off. The same freedoms that have allowed me to air my ideas are shared by you as well.

kaya next time, pag hindi mo gets and joke, wag ka makitawa. hehehehe

Here’s the screenshot of Mr.. Lazaro’s original post.

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Netizens like Avel Manansala wasted no time and shared the post someone who ranted against Mr. Lazaro. Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate the original post but I found the screenshot of the post.

If you read the post of Mr. Manansala carefully, it appears that he was reacting to the wrong post. But anyway, Mr. Lazaro responded in recent Facebook post and wrote:

Sagutin natin tutal kilala ko naman sina avel manansala, carlo ople and other people who spread the post.
The quote was obviously referring to someone in particular. But what else can we do if it has already been given various interpretations as this is social media.

The post refers to specific individuals who were given plum jobs of national significance but are known to have no govt experience. What is more sad to note is that many have accepted the padrino system of giving huge responsibilities to basically lesser qualified individuals on the basis of, well being a kababayan of the president. That is really the gist. Unsavory as it may have come out, many who are more qualified know this to be true and to be unfair. By “royal blood” i meant individuals who are very well known and highly respected in the former mayor’s city, are now in the capital working as chief of a national agency not because they worked hard to get there, maybe they worked hard during the campaign which is a different story, but because of patronage politics, basically sheer dumb luck.

Wala akong sinabing mas magaling ang manileno sa iba. I, myself, am Ilonggo, a poorer province compared to davao city.

This sentiment in the message seems to have been lost during the pakalat of social media operators like avel, who was also part of the duterte social media campaign. Obviously this is an attempt to malign my person. Totoo namang iba ang sistema ng pamamalakad sa maynila, kahit sa skwelahan. I studied in iloilo as well as in manila for college.

Ito namang si love mindanao nag adhominem agad without any consideration. Ang mga press people sa provincial papers ay may ibang experience compared sa press people ng major dailies like inquirer, rappler, philstar, etc. Hindi naman ho discrimination yun. The major dailies have international acclaim to prove it. Syempre most of the political stories, crime and govt news happen in the capital, natural iba ang expertise ng manila based media people.

Im sorry for offending sensibilities. Most of all, im sorry for pointing out the elephant in the room.

Any reactions on the post?

Source: Arpee Lazaro


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