Journalist Ira Panganiban hits GMA News for taking Duterte’s ‘lulo mo’ expression out of context

Lost in translation!

Journalist Ira Panganiban hits GMA News for taking the Cebuano, ‘lulo mo’ expression out of context.

Duterte was meeting the leftist militants after delivering his SONA and when he said the cuss words that has become the trending topic on social and mainstream media.

In case you don’t know, Ira’s mother is Bisaya, so this explains why he speaks with authority.

Read the post below.

“Lulo mo” in Bisaya means “useless” not masturbation. It comes from the phrase “tambalulu mo”. Lulo on its own means masturbate though.

This is the problem with our nation. We have almost 100 independent dialects and our media people do not know the local or the evolved use of the terms.

Tayo talaga pinagtatawanan ng mga Bisaya dahil sila dila lang matigas, tayo sa Luzon ulo naman (pun intended).

Yes po, Bisaya nanay ko po.

(Edit update: Yung isang pinsan ko sabi puwede din daw na “irritating” yung meaning, but definitely not masturbate in that context.)

Let us check the comments and see if the Cebuano-speaking netizens agree with Ira.

Joselito Valderin wrote: “expression yan sir, bisayan uses it, equivalent to “Luslos nijo” is synonymous to ‘wag ako’ or ‘nonsense'”

Neng Fortuna Suelto agreed with Ira: “yes, that’s right! tambalulu… walang kwenta…walang value!”

Daisy Fuertes Ado wrote: “Lo lo word in bisaya means m@sturbate but when use in a sentence it makes the word mocking you na…just like saying Fuck you!😂”

Jane Sahi Limbaga commented: “True! This is so right! Mindanaoan here!”

Evelyn Sapalicio Cruz said: “Literally Lost in Translation. Ambot sa gustong gumawa ng gulo. Hehehe”

Myla Thea Suelo Puig remarked: “Just like in cebuano indi ko ka”sabot” means hindi makaintindi, in hiligaynon(iloilo) its pubic hair. Kanya kanyang meaning yan pag bisaya. Dapat marunong ka mag research.”

Bebs Dawal said: “Sus..expression lng iyan..halos lahat ng bastos na salita normal lang lumabas sa aming mga bisaya lalo’t galit..get it.”

Your thoughts?

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