Journalist Ira Panganiban frowns on cynics, fear mongers going around saying business will leave because we are talking to China

Cynics and Duterte critics have a field day going around in the social media saying business will leave because President Duterte is cozying up with China.

Journalist Ira Panganiban shared his take on the touchy issue via a Facebook post to allay the fears of the general public before the Duterte haters could further make a beach head.

Mr. Panganiban opened his Facebook post by asking his readers what do businessmen fear and then went on to answer his own question.

What do business fear? Business fear the prospect of not making a profit.

Mr. Panganiban proceeded to deliver a short discourse on the US and their financial standing vis-a-vis with China.

Even the Unites States do business with China. That’s the reason why the US owes China about $3Trillion (not sure if the figure but its in that range.)

So why are we scared to be doing business and creating an alliance with China when the main antagonist against China (the US) has an economic alliance with it?

Don’t you find the argument a bit confusing when we say “we should not leave America for China because we need to keep our economy healthy” when it is America’s economy that is not healthy and it is China that is the most robust today?

Before the general public could bring up the issue of China’s reputation for producing substandard products, Mr. Panganiban has something to say to Duterte’s critics.

And if you tell me that all China products are substandard then that iPhone or iMac or LG or Adidas or Nike you are using now must really suck!

Finally, Mr. Panganiban assured the general public that Martial Law is almost impossible to implement because our Constitution requires a stringent protocol before it can be declared.

As for being communists, our constitution has so much guardrail against another dictatorship that to just even declare a state of calamity requires so much layers of approval.

What can you say about the post?

Credits to Ira Panganiban

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