Journalist Ira Panganiban scolds Maria Ressa Rappler for making excuses after falsely attributing RW Manila attack to ISIS

Journalist Ira Panganiban took to Facebook castigating Maria Ressa of Rappler for wrongly attributing the Resorts World Manila attack to ISIS.

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If you’d recall, the PNP has positively identified the RSM suspect as Jessie Javier Carlos, a former employee of the Department of Finance who got hooked to gambling, not an ISIS terrorist as Rappler reported earlier.

An obviously irate Panganiban couldn’t help but remind Maria Ressa that the job of the journalist is to report what they see or hear not to indulge in rumor-mongering.

Panganiban laments that instead of owning up to her mistake, Maria Ressa offered shallow excuses that insults the intelligence.

In the end, Panganiban sowed intrigue by bringing up the name of Christian Amanpour, her colleague in CNN International.

Ano ba ang gjnagawa ng mga newsmen? Hindi ba i-report ang sinasabi at ginagawa ng iba?
Eh talagang hindi niyo i-re-report na ISIS yun, malay niyo ba kung sino yun. I-re-report ninyo yung sasabihin ng otoridad. O kaya verifiable source.

Eh ni hindi claim ng ISIS yung report niyo kundi wire feed ng Agence France Press na galing sa post ng SITE na narinig nila sa chatter ng mga terorista.

Ilang layers ng hearsay yung pinanggalingan ng report ninyo? Eh kahit anong anggulo tsismis yun eh!

You know what the big difference here is? It is the fact that in your rush to create a scenario of gloom and doom you latch on to any information even if it is unverified and patently false.

And when you are caught in your lie and propaganda you mouth off excuses that are not only “mababaw” but also insults the intelligence of the very people you claim to serve.

Kaya nung nasa CNN ka pa laging pinadadala si Amanpour para palitan ka sa coverage mo dahil sa ugali mo na yan eh.

Let us read the comments on social media below.

Ahlee Dy remarked: “Maria Ressa loss all traces of integrity, credibility and dignity as a journalist. Sad for her 53 year old age and 4 decades career in journalism handling sensitive classified national security concerns of several sovereign countries.”

Chello Lopez Onda wrote: “That’s why it was asked before to unfollow #Rappler because of their fake news! Basura! Basura! Basura!!!! Tama nga! May pera sa basura and that’s where they get their funds! Basurang balita! Pwe!”

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